Why J.K Rowling Is Wrong About Jeremy Corbyn

What could lead Rowling to align her views with that of career politicians over that of a huge percentage of ordinary people, young and old, who have continued to show support for the Labour leader despite the constant media barrage against him? I don't know. However, I do know why I, as well as many others, support Jeremy and so I will now endeavour to explain why.

After the immeasurable success of her Harry Potter books and her unabashed forwardness in standing up for justice on social media, it is not hard to work out why J.K Rowling is a national treasure. Indeed, she has become a torchbearer for huge waves of the disenfranchised, often left leaning youth, including myself. However, I believe that this time she has got it wrong. So very wrong.

Unless you are a hermit or live in a cave deep in the Black Mountains, you are probably aware that Rowling has recently launched a 'scathing' Twitter attack on Jeremy Corbyn. In any other context, a political Tweet from the Queen of the Potter World would do a few rounds in much of the media. However, like traingate and that time Jezza wore a grey tracksuit, the fact that these tweets are about Corbyn has meant that all other news has been swept aside in order for certain media outlets to take another pointless jibe at Jeremy. Even the unelected Theresa May's plans to abolish the Human Rights Act looming closer and closer is not "news" enough. Yet, a couple of Tweets saying that the man who is likely to be elected Labour leader for the second time is "unelectable" are somehow headline material.

Now, it is my sincere belief that Rowling is a compassionate, kind and intelligent individual. I have a lot of admiration for the author and her fan base is proof that I am not alone. The exact same can also be said for Corbyn, however. Indeed, I believe that Jeremy is one of the most compassionate and kind MPs there is. it is also my sincere belief that he is undoubtedly honest and intelligent. And, just like J.K, Corbyn's humongous mass of supporters is proof that I am not alone in my view. So why does Rowling think that Corbyn is dangerous to the Labour party? What could possess someone on Rowling's level to side with TheDaily Mail and TheSun? What could lead Rowling to align her views with that of career politicians over that of a huge percentage of ordinary people, young and old, who have continued to show support for the Labour leader despite the constant media barrage against him? I don't know. However, I do know why I, as well as many others, support Jeremy and so I will now endeavour to explain why.

Corbyn inspires the disenfranchised.

Many of Labour's losses in the last general election can be put squarely down to disenfranchisement. Some, who once supported Labour for their commitment to worker's rights, voted UKIP. Some, who once supported Labour's commitment to equality and true socialism, voted Green (including myself, might I add). Some didn't even vote at all. Most famously, however, was the majority of Scotland who saw no alternative but to vote SNP. Most instances that I have come across where onetime Labour lovers have changed allegiance have appeared to come about as a result of the increasingly right-of-centre views of New Labour coupled with the inexcusable decision to go to war by the figurehead of New Labour, Tony Blair. Yet, look what has happened since Jeremy has taken the party mantle. Huge increases in membership as well as an increase in support across the UK, including Scotland. Many have heralded it as a return to Labour's true values. (you won't read that in The Telegraph)

Corbyn is genuine, consistent and actually cares

A main problem people have with politics is that they don't know who to trust. One politician says this then another says that, then they both do something completely different. Jeremy has always fought for the same things: Combating privatisation of essential services in favour of nationalisation and public ownership in order to put people before profit (including the railways and the NHS). Combating racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism (his protesting against Thatcher's support of the South African apartheid springs to mind). His support for gender equality and the LGBTQ community (even when some MPs were still in support of male supremacy and the criminalisation of homosexuals). His support for the elderly, the disabled and the vulnerable. His support for the young and for a more enriching and inclusive education system. His support for trade unions and workers rights. His support for the impoverished and his continued opposition to tax loopholes and avoidance amongst the rich and elite.

Jeremy has not wavered from his positions on key socialist values. Jeremy only changes his views when confronted with enough new evidence to change his mind about which view most aligns with his unwavering values. This is because he actually believes in these values, unlike many politicians today.

Corbyn IS strong enough to be our Prime Minister

The most permeating criticism of Corbyn is that he isn't a strong leader. That he may have good values but not the drive to carry them out. Well, I disagree. Just looking at his historical involvements in many protests and rallies, which furthered many causes we take for granted today, it is clear that Jeremy has never been afraid to stand up for his values. Since becoming Labour leader he has brought the voices of ordinary people right onto the very surface of David Cameron's despatch box. Jeremy has led campaigns which have forced the Conservative's into several crucial U-turns in policy and budgeting. Jeremy has stayed strong, calm and resilient despite a constant barrage of hate: first from the conservative right, then from most of the political class, then from the media, then from the moguls and the tycoons, then from his own PLP. He seems pretty darn strong to me.

Corbyn will finally change the conversation away from immigration

For years, much of the right wing press has led a profit-inspired campaign to fuel hatred against foreigners and, more over, immigrants. This has led to the rise in hate crime and support for right wing groups like UKIP, the EDL and the BNP. The Conservatives chose to follow suit by saying they would get tough on immigration and one would have thought that a genuine Labour party would say "Hang on a minute, the problem isn't an overcrowding of immigrants. The problem is that we have stopped building houses and schools. In fact, we have closed many schools and sold off over half of our council houses to private landlords. Our emergency services aren't overwhelmed due to immigration, they're overwhelmed because the Conservative government has made cuts to policing, cuts to fire rescue services, cuts to the NHS and healthcare." However, Labour chose to shimmy up to their right wing 'opposition'. In fact, Ed Miliband's campaign even carved it into a big stone saying they would get tough on immigration. Keir Hardie would've rolled in his grave if he knew that a Labour leader had carved such a sentiment on a mug, let alone on a giant plinth. It seems that the only voices from the Labour camp who are not scapegoating immigrants but instead looking to invest more into our society are Corbyn and his team. Funny that.

There are multiple other reasons why Corbyn is, in my view, a strong candidate for Labour's next Prime Minister. In my opinion, Corbyn is not so much a danger but a breath of relief for the wounded and misshapen Labour party who may actually return to their values and regain their support under Corbyn. I hope the wonderful J.K. Rowling reads this or, at least, hears the reasons why many of her fans are also fans of Jezza. I would continue to cite more reasons but I can hear a cup of tea and the next page of the Cursed Child calling my name.

In many ways Jeremy reminds me of Dumbledore, not just because of the beard. So here we are, the Harry Potter in this situation, watching under some stairs as a gruesome scene takes place. The Conservative Draco Malfoy seeks to send Dumble-Corbyn to his death when one of Dumble-Corbyn's own, Owen Snape, takes the wand and points it at Dumble-Corbyn. Only, there is no magic powers here, nothing but the grip of the PLP and a view for his own careerism forcing Owen's hand. Harry, are you going to stop them?

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