Gut Feeling & Relationships - How To - Video 1 - The Research

Gut Feeling & Relationships - How To - Video 1 - The Research

When you think about gut feeling, gut intuition and gut instinct, sometimes you can think to yourself, I get a gut feeling about that. Other times you think to yourself, I can't base my decision on a feeling.

Well, if you knew that there was research to suggest that gut intuition does exist, and research showing us how we use our gut feeling, and realised the value it adds to our lives in helping us make correct decisions daily, would you want to use it more to help you in your life?

Of course, successful business people often say that they use their gut feeling for making important decisions.

Sir Alan Sugar often seems to tap into his gut feeling/intuition when he's hiring and firing on the BBC TV show, The Apprentice.

Check out the first of a two-part video, here, so you too can tap into your gut feeling to improve your relationships and your life:

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