14/05/2015 13:26 BST | Updated 14/05/2016 06:59 BST

Five Reasons You HAVE to Watch: 'A Royal Night Out'


image credit: Lionsgate UK

It's the hottest new cinema release and its all about the Royal family! A Royal Night Out hits cinemas on 15 May (with previews from 8 May) and I have managed to see it before the official release. So here are five reasons you have to watch it.

1. Two strong female leads

Hurrah! There are few films that hit cinemas with two women at the core (and these women have their own tiaras) so A Royal Night Out is something to be celebrated. The film depicts Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret celebrating with the crowds on VE night in 1945. Canadian actress Sarah Gadon plays our queen and Bel Powley plays Princess Margaret: both actresses do a wonderful job and bring humour and sensitivity to their roles.

2. It's funny

There's some real laugh out loud moments (LOL) in this new release and a lot more broad comedy than you might expect. Bel Powley takes the lead on these funnies and her charismatic footman has some great moments too. There are also lots of smaller comedy female roles which are a rare treat in such a high profile cinema release.

3. I am in it

So, the reason I have seen the film is because I am in it! I play cockney girl Mary in a couple of scenes with Princess Elizabeth (played by the marvellous Sarah Gadon) and Jack (played by the very charming Jack Reynor). Yep, I've got lines and everything. So do pop along and check out my dramatic acting.

4. The costumes

We are British and by gosh we love a period drama. A Royal Night Out provides royal finery as well as uniforms (for the women and the men) and working class 1940's looks. Yes hairnets and stockings galore: what more could you ask for!

5. 70th anniversary of VE Day

The 8 May marks the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day and the film honours that special celebration 70 years ago. The crowd scenes, shot in Trafalgar Square, in A Royal Night Out were an amazing cinematic event to be part of for me and really brought the atmosphere of the night in 1945 to life. The film also incorporates footage from 1945 in a stirring sequence at the start of the film.

So there you have it. Book your tickets immediately and let me know what you think of my cockney accent!