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15 Reasons You Are Sooo 21st Century...

Yes it's properly the 21st century! You've had almost 14 years to get used it now but have you fully embraced it? Take a look at the top 15 reasons you are soooo 21st Century...

1. You can watch TV whilst on twitter and you insist that you still understand what's going on ... sort of.


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2. You have used the camera on your phone to pick a spot.


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3. You are bored of your friends.


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4. The live bus schedule app has literally changed your life!


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5. You have blocked someone from your Facebook timeline because they make your life feel inadequate.


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6. You don't actually use your TV box anymore, just Netflix, catch up or illegal downloads shhhhh


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7. You have hashtagged a sentence out loud (whether ironically or not) #behonest


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8. Every so often you try a super food. They don't taste super.


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9. You have broken AT LEAST one smart phone; extra points for more than three.


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10. You have hashtagged a sentence in your head (without irony).


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11. Going into a stationary shop feels like visiting a museum.


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12. You take photos of meals you are particularly proud of.


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13. You've bought something online on a whim and you have never opened it.


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14. You believe that Instagram filters would make everyday life much more attractive.


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15. You never go to the toilet unaccompanied. You always take your best friend; smart phone, Ipad, laptop with you.


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What did you score? Let me know in the comments below!

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