16/04/2013 09:56 BST | Updated 15/06/2013 06:12 BST

Justin Bieber: The Pinnacle of Your Stupidity

Justin Bieber left this message in the guestbook at the Anne Frank museum: "Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber."

Just when I thought this little twerp couldn't be any more irritating, he surpasses my expectations. His thrust into superstardom seems to have resulted in a bypass of any cognitive development.

Yet what can be said for his PR team? Surely they have more about them than to let him write this deeply thoughtless message. Surely they are the ones that set up this publicity stunt in the first place: to make Bieber seem like a thoughtful man of the world?

How it has backfired. The neurotransmitters in this young boy's brain seem frazzled, and not for the first time. In recent months he has shown all the maturity of a monkey. Which reminds me, he has a pet monkey. They often say pets begin to act like their owners. I cannot help but feel in this case: a role reversal has happened.

Lashing out at the British media hardly endeared himself to his British fan base, many of whom will now fear his sanity. Sure the girls will still swoon over this overhyped, suspiciously high-pitched singer. Yet there are things at work here: his public demise is there for all to see.

Why doesn't he take a break from it all? Sit back and count the millions he has accrued in his commercially forged way to the top of the world's attention. Go and do some proper charity work young man. Go back to school, learn about the Holocaust. Understand Anne Frank's plight, then maybe retract your thoroughly brainless comment.

Moreover, what can this boy's parents be thinking? Part of them will be proud of his achievements, yet they must be petrified at the monster that he has become. Deeply arrogant, this boy is a shadow of his former self. The sweet innocent and precocious talent that emerged out of the people's media: YouTube.

Success is renowned for corrupting even the most innocent of spirits. Money doesn't help either. Yet this young boy's morals have been twisted, and that is a far deeper mechanism. It is difficult to envisage a way out of his plunge into a personal moral vacuum.

What he probably needs is a mentor of sorts. One who is not in the spotlight, a person of real virtue. Someone to put this tortured soul back on track. Bieber needs to remember what makes life special: family, friends and moments of real quality. Life is all about the relationships we form with other human beings. Right now Justin is making more enemies than friends, a fact that he probably fails to even realize.

'With great power comes great responsibility.' Despite the fact this quote comes from Spiderman and not some literary great: it stands true. Justin Bieber can wield his personal brand to create so much positivity in the world.

Somewhere along the line this has been forgotten. Replaced by fast cars and fast tempers. Justin: grow up; think before you speak, and become the man we all want you to be.