09/09/2013 12:22 BST | Updated 07/11/2013 05:12 GMT

Luisa Zissman: Staying on Top

For those of you unfamiliar with the name Luisa Zissman, you are unfamiliar with the current British celebrity hierarchy. Zissman has entered the party with immediate B/C list status. Her role as runner up on The Apprentice has effectively launched her 'it' girl status. Hardly a day passes without an update on her life by the British tabloids. And I for one- am pleased.

Not only do I find Mrs.Zissman incredibly attractive, with her elusive allure of femininity. But she is also an intelligent young lady, who's business tentacles are beginning to sprawl over Britain's baking economy.

As a young mother, Zissman demonstrates that rarefied quality of being able to balance her personal life with business endeavours. On top of which she must now juggle being a 'celebrity.' Provided we, the British public don't turn things sour with high levels of intrusion, we should enjoy what Luisa can bring to our normally lobotomized class of celebrity.

Many would argue Luisa is no different to the talentless crop of celebrities we are swamped under. I couldn't disagree more. Lest we forget, Lord Alan Sugar was convinced of her talent, for why else would he carry her through to this years Apprentice finale? He saw something, clearly beyond her shapely, childbearing curves.

However, in spite of my heralding, Luisa's path is all but sealed. She will spend the next twelve months enjoying the fruits of runnerup-ship. The next season of The Apprentice will see her guest spot on its sister show, You're Fired, after which she will enter the doldrums of struggling celebrity. At which point she will be offered a role on 'celebrity big brother.' Strictly Come Dancing tantalizingly just above her dwindling status.

The rust of her stardom is an unfortunate inevitably. The expression 15 minutes of fame is no longer accurate. In reality it's a bit longer for people like Luisa, yet she will be very conscious of the general message; she can only ride the crest of the wave so long. No doubt agents and other money sniffing third parties are aware of this fact. My message to you Luisa would be to give your celebrity the best shot at longevity. Do what you can to cement yourself as a credible media figure. Who know's you could be a dragon in the den one day?

And what of Luisa's victor, you know that plastic surgeon who won? You see what's happened there? I am unable to recall her name, as I am sure you are. We know winning the xfactor doesn't guarantee success. In fact losing helps; look at JLS. As is the case with The Apprentice. Luisa, by virtue of her silver tongue, sizeable chest and affable honesty, mean she's going to be with us for some time. If you are reading Luisa, I like you... and not in a friend-way. Knuckle down and find a way to stay on our screens and in our hearts.