Online Dating in the Modern Age

16/01/2012 20:05 GMT | Updated 13/03/2012 09:12 GMT

There is nothing worse in this life than the disease of solitude. As such, in my eyes at least, there is nothing more respectable than going out and seeking a life partner. If that search turns you to the path of online dating, then so be it. The social taboo's that had initially surrounded this form of dating are dissipating, as those doubters finally accept that the foundations of these websites lie in the need to fix a human condition.

I recently held a conversation about the basis for joining such sites. It was argued against me that meeting someone online would be unnatural, and then surely doomed to fail. Not true. The grandiose ideas of meeting someone in the underground, striking up conversation and falling in love, whilst are not unheard of, are perhaps unhelpful. Things do not always work like that, and you have to take a somewhat fatalistic approach to love, in that no matter how it strikes, whether on the tube or aided through Internet dating, everything is meant to be. Do not view online dating as contrived relationships, they are just a means of entering one, just like taking the tube is, if you are fortunate enough.

The only difference between the random and internet inspired meeting, is that part of the path of discovery into the other party has gone. Both parties know they are in it to win it per se, and consequently you jump to the next stage; dating. Of course the dating part has to be tempered with the exercise of caution. Make sure you ascertain that the person is not an imposter or a mental case before agreeing to meet them, in a public environment no doubt. When on the date probably lead with how you both cringe at having met through the website. Common ground in such cases can inspire deeper conversation and help with the awkwardness. The rest then depends on the compatibility of the two people. Love could blossom, or another lonely night; effectively ending that particular pursuit.

Fear not however, there are plenty more potential matches out there, willing to respond to cyber advances. This then begs the question, what are the lengths that one has to go to? How many cyber advances does one make before throwing the towel in? I would argue infinitely, provided you are in it for the right reasons. Eventually you will meet someone, whether through the medium of Internet, of in 'regular life.' Those that want to be found will be.