09/12/2013 12:23 GMT | Updated 08/02/2014 05:59 GMT

Twelve Steps to Survive Party Season

When we are bombarded with invitations and people saying; "We really must catch up before Christmas" we can choose to take some simple and grown-up steps to get through the silly season with your dignity and credit card intact:

1. Say no to at least two parties in December. Not only will this give you more time to recuperate, it will save you on taxis, drinks and new clothes.

2. Don't drink alcohol at least two nights each week. Your body will love you for this - and so will your boss and work colleagues because you will be much more focused, reliable and consistent.

3. Reduce the alcohol when you are at the party. Try alternating between a full strength drink and then water - conversation will be more real, you will be able to remember everything, and the beer-goggles won't ever fool you again.

4. Eat before you go. Big mistake is to assume the canapés are going to feed you enough to mop up the free drinks.

5. Don't substitute alcohol for juices. Fruit juice is a simple sugar - you won't sleep well if you load up on juice - the body is racy and sleep is restless. Stick with sparking mineral water with fresh lemon or lime.

6. Be in bed before midnight on a school night. Our bodies need rest to recover, give it a break.

7. Move early morning meetings if you are planning on a big night. No one likes to have a meeting with someone who is hung-over - you smell and it's unpleasant - full stop. Letting the side down at work is poor form all round.

8. Make water the last few drinks of the night. Alcohol is sugar - if you want to sleep and really rest, move onto the sparkling H2o with fresh lime - people can think you're on something stronger - don't worry, they won't know because they are hammered and you are not.

9. Remember to allow for cab time to get home. With your water in one hand and a taxi App on your phone in the other, book a cab and say your goodbyes.

10. Go for a short walk the next morning. Walking before you get ready for work will clear your head, allow the toxins to start to leave your body and get the blood moving - don't run - gently does it!

11. Eat protein for breakfast the morning after. Avoid fruit and dairy products - if you have a fragile stomach, fruit will ferment and dairy will curdle - not pretty. If you're hungry, have an omelet and a peppermint tea - best hangover cure ever! Protein shakes with blueberries or bananas are perfect too.

12.Have an alcohol free December. Controversial and very cool - being drunk is so last century!