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The Alchemist in High Heels ...

That morning I had a serious talk with the big man upstairs and whoever else was listening. The gremlins in the basement of course were trying to get in on the act too, 'how could I ask for something like this!' 'Please God, I really have to get on that flight to Australia and Bali.'

We all want to believe there is something mysterious being woven into the fabric of our everyday lives ... This little piece of magic came in the form of a little old man, an Aborigine and of course a magic stone!

Nothing can prepare us sometimes for the events that take place from the miraculous realm that we are surrounded by. It only takes for us to believe, have faith and trust that there really is something much greater at work in our lives for us to begin experiencing these. It's working on our behalf, not against us. The only thing that works against us is that thing between the ears! This greater intelligence that surrounds us will move mountains when we listen and act on our inner voice and intuition.

"Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it." ~ Roald Dahl

I hope this short story inspires and gives you the comfort of knowing we do not have to walk alone there is always someone by our side, call it Spirit, Greater Intelligence, Universe - whatever floats your boat. We simply have to learn how to 'receive', how to allow these miraculous moments to come into our daily lives. And it's our intuition that is constantly paving the way to them. It's our authentic self. Are you listening? Are you aware of when it's at work? Do you understand the language of your intuition? Hold that thought!

This year I have plans for Australia and Bali along with some other destinations to work with some beautiful souls. In fact Australia in only a few short weeks but as we know out of the blue sometimes life throws a curve ball to redirect us, slow us down, force us to recalibrate or just to simply see how committed we are to our heart's desires. I've had one of those curve balls thrown in my direction this week, so being someone who believes in asking for guidance and to be shown a sign this morning I did exactly that before leaving the house.

I'd love to get to Australia, but Bali in particular is a non-negotiable for me this year. It's calling me. I spent a while in Bali two years ago travelling north and south of the Island and loved it - it's a magical place and one where my energy is raised, I feel totally alive.

That morning I had a serious talk with the big man upstairs and whoever else was listening. The gremlins in the basement of course were trying to get in on the act too, 'how could I ask for something like this!' 'Please God, I really have to get on that flight to Australia and Bali.' He would probably be thinking, 'I've got better things to be doing with my time missy.' And who am I to ask for something like this when I'm only recently home from Miami. But I know different now. Who am I not? Our spirit has come here to be a full expression of its self after all! And I know better than to not go for my dreams and fall at the first hurdle.

The secret sauce is for us to get really good at noticing when we are being given the signs, messages, and intuitive hits from our intuition as it's always pointing the way for us to create our desires, but often we're not listening or we simply are not aware of how its communicating to us.

What I've come to understand is they arrive in a variety of ways, perhaps through other people, a sign, over hearing a conversation, on a billboard or you're driving your car and a song comes over the radio - that's often where I begin to receive mine. Or if you are really plugged into your intuition you will be seeing, hearing, knowing and working on all the 6th senses, with visions, insights, inspiration and taking inspired action.

"...If you are willing to listen to, be guided by, that still small voice that is the G.P.S. within yourself, to find out what makes you come alive, you will be more than okay. You will be happy, you will be successful, and you will make a difference in the world." ~ Oprah Winfrey

On my way out Wednesday morning I picked up the post that had come through the door, a Trailfinders brochure, I smiled to myself as Oz was plastered all over the front page. Um I'm thinking - could it be? I know better than to doubt the Universe when it's trying to do its thing, so I just acknowledged the sign and stayed in a place of expectation for the next to arrive, I'd moved into the synchronistic flow.

I popped into town and on my way out stopped in House of Fraser to grab a coffee, usually I would dive straight into Costa just around the corner. Alas, that day my intuition was fired up and in on the act. As I'm standing at the counter, I noticed this gentle looking older man beside me, smiling. I'm hearing, "you need to speak to him." He laughs and says, "There are so many coffees to chose from these days its hard to know what to have," "Yes! I know what you mean, I say as I'm ordering a limited edition of luxury hot Chocolate." I noticed he had an Australian accent and asked him if he lived here or was just visiting. "No, I live in Brisbane, you would love Brisbane actually you would love Australia." There was something about his presence, I was mesmerised. I mentioned that I wanted to go and soon. "And you would love the Barrier Reef," he says smiling. My mind started to wander off into pearly white, palm lined sandy beaches.

"I can tell you believe in a little Magic,' he said. His eyes staring at me with intrigue as if he was reading me. "You will make it to Australia this year you know." Umm I'm thinking. Who is this guy! This was all starting to remind me of the famed book from much loved New York Times Bestselling Author, Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist. I kid you not - I nearly hit the floor with what came next!

"I have a magic stone it comes with me everywhere, it's one an Aborigine medicine man gave me. You only have to speak to the stone and what you wish for will come true, if it's a good thing for you. Do you mind if I ask your name?" He asked. "Sarah!" I said. "Thank you I'm going to speak to the stone later to make sure you make it to Australia this year." There is another reason you have to visit Australia, - the Love you are looking for is probably there too you know." He smiled.

Now if I wasn't so open minded I would have thought he was a fruit loop. I thanked him a little speechless, to say the least, then started to walk away. A few seconds later I turned back to smile again in awe of what had just happened, he was no-where to be seen.

So, I will keep you posted as to what unfolds and if his magic does come to life in my life, I can run with that.

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