What Exactly Do You Mean by "Think Positive"?

Have you ever been in a situation where someone has said to you "think positive" or "be positive" when you were upset or having a depressive episode?

Have you ever been in a situation where someone has said to you "think positive" or "be positive" when you were upset or having a depressive episode? Did you nod and agree, yet were unable to see clearly enough in order to actually be positive?

We have all probably heard of that phrase, though do you really understand how beautifully wonderful that statement is, and how just by thinking positively you can really change your whole being and the outcomes of your life?

At one time in my life I went through a difficult period, I lost a friend who was very dear to me (he committed suicide). Understandably this affected me, and it impacted on all aspects of my life. However, amidst my anguish, I came across a poem about smiling and knew that this was something I wanted to be able to do again, and so I stuck it on my wall where I would read it every day.

Although I cannot remember it fully now, its meaning was that if you smiled each and every day, even in the depths of despair and sorrow, even if you really didn't want to, then one day this smile would be a genuine smile. I did this for months and I have to tell you that it worked. It helped me to smile fully once again and changed the areas of my life that truly needed to change (for the better).

I use this example of being positive because this is how 'simple' positive thinking is. Whatever you want in life you can achieve it, if you really want it. Please remember, thoughts are energy and thoughts become things!

The key to positive thinking is repetition (the amount of repetition is different for every individual, of course). If you repeat something over and over again, it actually affects the structure and function of our brains. This is called neuroplasticity, which basically means that the brain has the capacity to rewire itself and/or form new neural pathways, and this is done through repetition.

When I teach students pranayama (breathing control exercises) I start with teaching them how to breathe correctly and where they can breathe to in their bodies. The majority of students struggle to feel their breath in some part of their torso (such as their lower back) because they have not conditioned themselves to breathe so fully.

I remind my students, if you want to create a clear path in a dense forest, you have to walk the same path many times. This is the same for clearing our neural pathways, which send energy/messages in and from the brain.

We simply need to think the same thoughts over and over again in order to create the positive outcome we desire. Better work environment, better partner relationship, more self-esteem and recognition.

Not only does this rewire our brain function, by positive thinking we can also higher our energy vibration and this will then assist in attracting similar high positive vibrations, people, events, experiences, outcomes etc.

Not only that, as everything is related, this whole process then positively affects our whole being. Our muscles, organs, energy/meridians, and much more are then positively charged and so help create a healthy balanced being. So, positivity can be a very tangible asset!

In short, if we change our thinking then we can influence every part of our behaviour and actions in our life, moving closer to our desired results. The next time you hear someone say, "Think positive!", don't just ignore it as just another saying. Take proactive action!

Here are some starting points for you: Know what you want (the positive outcome), take appropriate action, and keep focused on it until it becomes your reality.

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