24/04/2015 05:51 BST | Updated 23/06/2015 06:59 BST

Why Families Should Get Free Childcare During School Holidays to Celebrate the Birth of Kate Middleton's Second Baby

The British economy is set to get a massive boost when Kate Middleton gives birth to her second child.

Families will spend millions cramming into Mothercare's tusk and Cath Kidston to get the latest trends to have their own little princes and princesses looking just like royalty.

The new royal baby is set to come in time for the May half-term school holidays.

So why not give something back to the doting British public who are rushing out to buy souvenirs to celebrate the birth? Last time more than £250million was spent in shops when baby George was born.

While Kate lives a pampered and privileged lifestyle - parents around the country are struggling with childcare arrangements especially during half-terms and longer summer and Christmas holidays.

The major political parties are promising dramatic increases in free nursery provision. But this could take a long while and for now, struggling parents have to make do with 15 hours per week. I, like many parents certainly hit a stumbling block during the holidays - unless you are a teacher and are on the same timetable as your little ones you are basically in a pickle, especially when it comes to finding high quality care that cannot be delivered so cheaply. It's not like you can drop them off with a neighbour just like the old days. After searching rigorously I was intrigued to find Ofsted registered holiday camps - which are held at Gambados Beckenham, Eastleigh and Chelsea. It was a relief because they don't break the bank either - and parents can pay with childcare vouchers too.

Initially set up as a lifeline for parents who need safe and fun childcare, it has really taken off largely due to the activities to keep kids entertained including Viking themed days, a rumble in the jungle, and historic day trips that will keep them busy and buzzing so they are ready to plonk straight to bed afterwards.

Birthdays after covered too - so if your little one has a birthday that falls when you are at work, it will be stress free for you as the mum and you wont have to spend hours blowing up balloons yourself. They can teach you to make cool animal shaped ones that the kiddies love. There's gigantic soft play, slides and peppa pig rides too. A host takes care of the kiddies and keeps them entertained with a tiger party for the small ones, a make-a-bear do, or a laser tag party for the teens - then there's the cool twirling tea cups and bumper cars too - which is all on their Facebook pages, and party food too. So parents can relax...and breathe.

My advice to parents during half-term and summer hols is to remember, just like mars bars, parents need to work, rest and play too.

Although we hate to admit it, we can get snappy with our kids, and at work - even saying inappropriate things you can't believe just flew out of your mouth when you haven't rested well. But we're not alone. It's actually more than half the population 53 percent of people who wake up in a bad mood because they are sleep deprived, a sleeping duck survey said, and more than a quarter have accidents because they are either going to bed too late, feeling stressed, or have an annoying sleeping partner -or baby that keeps them awake.

They urged parents: 'Focus on getting a restful nights sleep,' adding 'We all know that a bad night's sleep can lead to a less than productive day but the results show just how often tiredness takes toll on our everyday life.'

Too true. Come on Royals, roll on the free childcare during school holidays - I'm sure that'll make us sleep easier.