A huge number of mothers who had an abortion "believe that the cost of childcare was the primary reason for me to terminate a pregnancy”.
Kristin Dunn is an elected official and mother of two young children. Here's how she fought for change and shares the division of labor in her home.
Education secretary Gillian Keegan said she could not "guarantee" a promise made by Jeremy Hunt would be met.
Gillian Keegan repeatedly refused to guarantee the free places previously promised by the government.
"At times I would be in the middle of teaching and I would see him writing on the wall. But there’s only so many things you can control at once."
“Why am I seeing this seconds after paying over 1k for childcare this month?"
Ida Rodriguez, who lives in a different state than her partner, is a 38-year-old educator with an eight-year-old and a toddler.
"The cost of having a child today is one that many families cannot bear."
In the U.S., families spend an average of 27% of their income on child care. Here’s a glimpse into one family’s expenses.
"I can’t help but reflect on how arduous the first year of motherhood has been. And I’ve got the data to prove it."