02/11/2015 05:56 GMT | Updated 01/11/2016 05:12 GMT

The Ultimate Stitch Up: Six Things They Don't Tell You About Having a Baby

1. Don't be fooled by celebrities, it's not as glamorous as you think

Eight months preggers Kim Kardashian recently admitted 'I FEEL like a f****** whale.

How does swollen feet and extreme morning sickness sound? Eek!

2. What to do when your kid takes the, er, p*** and won't potty train...

These pests, sorry tots, are smarter than you think. Mine is outsmarting me with this potty training malarkey. After weeks of wanting to tear my hair out after it just doesn't seem to be sinking in, then hey presto, he hits the jackpot and goes on the potty. But the next day he's telling me no. So what to do when they refuse to play ball? Bribery, begging, more Peppa Pig stickers? It doesn't happen overnight so expect more accidents. I say try patience, persevere, and have a sense of humour about it because they'll, er, crack it in the end.

3. It's not just kids that need nappies. You might too!

Kim K, whose constantly back and forth to the loo admitted the baby is 'Sitting on my bladder and I have to pee every five minutes!'

Don't feel shy if you need to pee afterwards - like ALL of the time. It's all part of the plan.

I can't tell you how many of my girlfriends, we joke about it now, who when we've had a giggle, let out a teeny bit of pee. Or another found that when she went on a trampoline with her little one, she ended up with a wet patch. Speaking to mums on an always discreet brainstorm for some people it's just a little, but for others it can be really bad and your whole bladder can just empty spontaneously and you need a pad or nappy. Don't be alarmed if that sounds like you, you're not alone.

4. Don't forget to do your pelvic floor exercises!

Snoozeville, I know. But you could always try the windzip for a giggle. Pilates guru Lynne Robinson explained: 'Do not slouch. Take wide breathes into your ribs and into your sides.

Then connect to your pelvic floor - so do the 'wind zip' imagine you are about to pass wind and squeeze your back passage very gently and bring the feeling forward to your pubic bone and up inside. Hold that internal zip, as you breathe then completely get go, wait five seconds and go again.'

5. Get ready to throw out the rule book if the birth plan goes out of the window

Many mums fall to pieces when things change all of a sudden.

Be flexible. Babies and childbirth are unpredictable and no one birth will be the same as the next.

Speaking to expert midwives, I've heard that some mums are plunged into depression if they don't get to have their water birth they've dreamed of. But if your baby is breached, or has another medical emergency then be prepared to adapt and quickly for the sake of your unborn child.

6. Your social life will disappear under an endless pile of washing if you let it.

So make sure you find 'you' time to chillax or party...whatever floats your boat.

Take a leaf out of Towie's Chloe Sims' book from time to time (obviously the Sugahut is optional): 'It's really hard at first when you're a mum, but it's so important to have time for yourself, get glammed up a night out with your girls. Have a glass of wine, why not,' she said at the British Asian Trust altec lansing do. I'll drink to that!

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