What It Will Really Be Like For Beyonce Having Kids With Big Age Gaps

14/06/2017 12:29 BST | Updated 14/06/2017 12:29 BST

It's not easy being a mum. There, I said it. Especially to more than one. But there are blags, bribes, quick fixes and ways to get through.

Like me, Bey waited a good five years before introducing a new sibling for Blue Ivy.

There are pros and cons to any age gap - usually people like to have their kids closer together to help their bond and also to get all the sleepless nights out of the way all at once. However, having a larger age gap can be good too, as the older sibling can muck in, which can help them feel more included and can be given a role in taking care of their new brothers and sisters. They are also usually more independent, and there's also less jealousy... or is there?

So from one mother with a big age gap between the first two kids to another, here's my seven survival tips for Bey, and any mum welcoming a next child.

1. Bey ready for rivalry - as much as siblings love each other - always sleep with one eye open. It's a process. The older siblings need time to get used to sharing attention with a new fresh prince/princesses on the scene.

Yes it's all shiny and new at first, but how long before the novelty wears off? And the new baby they used to coo over gets cast aside or shelved like in Toy Story!!! Mums, dads be on your guards. Never leave them alone together - you've been warned. But saying that, be patient, the magic moments do come. Like when they first play and giggle together, the cuteness is in overdrive.

2. Bey ready for bladder control out of the window. You may have got away with it with your first, but second time round is a charm!

Pilates is said to be a Godsend to work on your pelvic floor muscles. So good luck with that.

3. Bey ready for sore nip nips.

Breastfeeding for one is fun, but twins!! Should be a hoot. Make sure you are fuelling up with nutritious meals to keep the milk flowing. But everyone is different and we all produce different amounts of milk. Not all babies latch on easily so don't let breastfeeding become a nightmare. So top up with a bottle if you need to. Ain't no shame!

4. Bey ready to have your besties on speedial.

It's your girls who will cheer you on and provide laughter when you're feeling insane in the membrane. So if you're thinking of reforming Destiny's Child, now is a good time. Or at least a WhatsApp group for when you need advice in the middle of the night!

Arrange some 'me' time - an afternoon tea, a spa date or even plan your first girls' night out.

5. Bey ready to set real goals about getting your figure back. At our age it's a struggle, and the struggle is real. Do your best to eat healthy, but don't reprimand yourself if the odd cookie slips in. You're only human and you've got nothing to prove.

I'd say get out as much as you can with the babies to get some fresh air and gentle exercise - Central Park is just a stone's throw away, after all.

However, with the swarms of paparazzi following you, this is not so realistic. Check out some YouTube workouts at home, that incorporate the babies too so you can have fun while stretching and lifting them into the air. Get your six week health check out of the way first, obvs. But remember don't rush to snap back, it's a process.

6. Bey smart and try to sleep when they sleep.

Or be savvy and jump in the shower, go on Instagram, catch up on emails, or throw on the Netflix. Just do whatever you need to do to unwind, gurrrl!

7. Bey ready to capture as many moments as you can. Take mental pictures too and make memories. Do upload your candid photos and videos onto your PC every week.

If your phone gets lost that's the memories lost forever. They grow up too fast, and despite them sometimes being a pain, their midnight smiles (or wind) make it all worth it.

Good luck Bey! We're rootin' for ya!