18/06/2013 13:12 BST | Updated 18/08/2013 06:12 BST

Will Kim and Kanye's New Baby Be the Future of Family TV or Can We Still Enjoy a Classic Movie?

As the latest addition to the Kardashians has arrived, there sure will be a double celebration in that household.

The pitter patter of tiny feet is always a reason to crack open the bubbly.

Even more so being born into a reality TV dynasty, they can afford to pop a few more corks, because what a ratings booster this baby could be. Let's face it, she is the exciting new member to the most famous family in the world, bar the Windsors.

I'm left pondering is this really the future of 'family TV' or can family film night still survive?

It's great news that Kim, the most photographed woman in the world, has had her baby with rapper Kanye West.

Although protective Kanye doesn't want his daughter, born five weeks early last weekend, to be "America's baby". I don't think he has much choice in the matter.

Even if the child does not appear in the show, there will be the inevitable offers for magazine deals, and various sponsorships, mother and baby as well as weight loss, that will follow and could see the child thrust into the public eye, taking her rightful seat alongside celeb tots Blue Ivy, Suri Cruise and all of Brangelina's brood.

So then is Kanye's bid for a quiet private life, well, screwed?

His 'baby mama' is Kim Kardashian, who lives her life in front of the cameras sharing every intimate moment with her fans on her E! Show.

It's a ratings hit for the network, and honestly I'm one of the millions addicted to the show.

But it's slightly unnerving to me that watching Kim's life through a lens has become a family staple in many households.

Whatever happened to good old fashioned family movie night? Enjoying those 80s classics like Rocky, The Goonies, or sobbing into your popcorn at Bambi and The Lion King.

That's what the kids of this generation should experience - not just reality TV.

So I was chuffed to hear that Netflix has just launched a dedicated Families section - just in time for the summer holidays.

The internet TV network is thinking ahead for those long car journeys taking the kids on a trip, and summer evenings indoors with clever playlists including "TV for Curious Kids," "Are We There Yet," and even "Superhero Movies for You and Your Teens."

The new Families section compliments the Just For Kids bit, and it was launched after their survey showed over 50% of parents find buying DVDs frustrating because they get damaged or scratched. Even with the majority (92%) of households with at least one streaming device, there are still so many families missing out on great easily-accessible entertainment out there.

And Netflix has just bagged a mega-deal with Dreamworks Animation, which makes the likes of Shrek and Kung Fu Panda, to be the premiere home of all their new original series.

So that is over 300 hours of new programming for the family. Score!

If you can tear yourself away from the Kardashians, that is...

In the world of showbiz...

Rihanna certainly doesn't do things by halves when she comes to London.

She celebrated after her Twickenham gigs with a lavish party at London's Boujis club - where she tore up the dance floor with model of the moment Cara Delevingne.

Looks like Katy Perry has been well and truly replaced, as there's even talks of Cara and Riri working together as Rihanna had her music video guy on hand to capture the fun party last Sunday, potentially for a new video...

The Diamonds singer was there to support her brother Rorrey Fenty, a.k.a Gallest, who was DJing a fantastic set alongside DJ Sam Young, spinning hits that had Rihanna and Cara doing the running man all night.

It was all go at the fab Ocean's 11 cast's fundraiser Not On Our Watch at Sandown Racecourse.

Guests were flown in by PremiAir helicopters, quaffed huge bottles of lush Wainwright Ale, with their five course meals including salmon starter, steak dinner and a succulent chocolate creation for dessert on Saturday.

My mouth's still watering so much that I almost forgot the news angle.

It was Frankie Dettori's first race since he has banned, and he was on form leading the charity auction.

The eclectic mix of guests included Russian billionaires, Tara Palmer Tomkinson and a clergyman who is mates with Prince Charles.

Never a dull moment!