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Twenty-One Ways You Know You Are Creating a Business Based on Sacrifice!

Over at my blog I shared an article about how easy and unknowingly you can create a business based on sacrifice.

Most people don't think they are sacrificing. They are just helping. Or doing what they can do easily while others aren't able to, so you might as well...! Of course they can't because you do it for them and believe you are the only one who can help, (how arrogant when it is put like that) and of course it is easier to take over someone else's life than take responsibility for your own.


It's a clever thing making yourself feel like you are indispensable, the yes woman to everyone except you and your life and business.

A brilliant rouse to get away from your magnificence!

I am going to give you 21 ways to know that you are building a business on sacrifice. This is important because as the New Era moves in more deeply, old patterns will just get trickier and trickier to resolve. (It's like trying to use a computer that is 20 years old and install Windows 8 on it - it just hasn't got the right hardware and power to make it work!)

  1. You have a business however you are hardly in it as you are so busy doing things for others, they need you, you feel obligated and then by the time you are back to work it is just too late. Tomorrow will be better is your mantra and likely to stay that way!
  2. When anyone poses as a potential client you treat them like they have paid you and they never do or say thank you.
  3. You don't have time to dream.
  4. You never take time off, no always available and if you manage to squeeze a holiday or time off in you are still on the job.
  5. You delegate and end up doing it anyway.
  6. You don't have any boundaries, day and night becomes a blur, maybe you work maybe someone else has taken your time and probably you gave it away as a present.
  7. You ignore the money conversations because money makes uncomfortable.
  8. Your concern is to not offend others however offending you is easy as you believe you can deal with it.
  9. You wish you had said NO to others as you are saying NO to you more than anyone.
  10. You take on business and clients because you are scared there will be none so best take that contract that doesn't fill your heart with joy.
  11. You let the actions of others change your mood and disrupt your day.
  12. You tell yourself tomorrow, next week, next month, next year will be better and you will be more 'together' and 'on it'.
  13. Emotions rule you. Frustration, anger, sadness, highs and lows. It all depends on your mood and that will determine your experience in any moment or day!
  14. You continuously feel like you have no support from family and friends.
  15. You price to make people like you and buy from you and even then they don't or don't as much as you expected.
  16. You say NO to what you would love to do for the sake of something you believe you must do.
  17. You feel like you have been going round in circles playing out the same old patterns (and drama) for years: not enough money, not enough clients, not enough time...etc. all things you said before time and time again.
  18. You rarely draw a salary from your business.
  19. You can't express what you want like it is stuck a bit like a lump in your throat.
  20. You don't have fun. Think. Look back. When was the last time you had fun? Can you imagine daily fun?
  21. You know you are building a business on sacrifice because you feel like you short change yourself, from living and making your dream come true to just not giving you the time to do what you know would support you. You know deep down that how your business has evolved isn't what you would do if you started over.

If you can resonate with even just one of the 21 points above then you have an energy of sacrifice driving you. When this energy exists in one place it will exist in more and needs to be resolved before you step forward into New Era energy and to be honest it is simply stopping you from having the best time and best success in business.

Sacrifice is an impediment and there is nothing noble about it. Nothing worthy and nothing worth holding on to.

If you choose to do nothing then the energy of sacrifice will continue to make your business small and a place that doesn't bring you joy and you will share the energy of sacrifice in all you do.

Is that what you want?

What are your thoughts on how much your business may be built on sacrifice?

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Sarupa Shah

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