12/08/2014 10:00 BST | Updated 11/10/2014 06:59 BST

These Three Things Will Help You Create Your Own Reality!

It does amuse me how many people say they believe in creating their own reality until things aren't going the way they desire, imagined or hoped. That is when the 'BIG but... 'kicks in. Whenever there's a 'but' there's a loss of power and justification and sense of helplessness.

I have to be honest, the amusement isn't humour it is more like disbelief because it makes no sense to me. 2014-08-12-medium_2918311700.jpg

You either create your own reality and know that it is true 24:7 without exception or you don't believe it at all and that too is fine. The standing on the fence when it suits you or being 'on and off' about it is hurting you and is a hindrance to you living your potential and dream.

Why do people pick and choose if they create their own reality?

It is easier and more habitual to blame others, or things outside of you as then you don't have to take any responsibility.

There's a deep fear that if you accept that you create your own reality 24:7 you may have to face a truth that you are not a good person and you have really bad energy and make bad things happen. The FEAR illusion - you aren't alone thinking this and it just isn't true. Yes, there is karma to resolve however no punishments and plenty of opportunities to resolve easily, lovingly and without pain or the need to atone as the journey is all about being at one!

It is easier to fall back into a pattern of helplessness and victimhood. Woe and why!

It is comfortable to sink into low self-esteem.

It is self-indulgent and lazy to do any of the above of course however these patterns are so deeply embedded into mass consciousness it takes a bright awakened one to step outside of this mire and truly and fully accept; 'yup I created this, all of it.'

Of course you may lose a job because the company owner squandered the money and lost important clients.

You may ask yourself, how did I create that?

I would be asking, OK so I find myself here. My soul has set it up so I am here to experience this. What is it I am here to learn? Something or nothing? What is it I am here to do as a consequence? Wallow, blame, cry etc or....?

This is how you create your reality with consciousness rather than feeling you are being carried by some wave that you cannot get off as you are too busy wiping out.

How do you take back responsibility and connect to the truth that you create your own reality 24:7?

  1. Accept that what is happening in your life is your responsibility. So there is no elephant in the room, let's be honest some challenging things do happen and this article isn't here to suggest that responsibility means you asked for anything or attracted it because you are bad or worse. The opportunity that comes with acceptance is what you do with what has happened, the good, the bad, the ugly and the tragic. One approach will empower you and one will keep you a victim. Acceptance gives you a higher vibration choice.
  2. Ask yourself in those moments of challenge or where you really want to transform your life experience, what can I do to make this more joyous. Joyous is the point and what you can do may be something big or something small. Size doesn't matter it is the energy shift that you make that will change everything, so commit to taking the action your intuition provides. Smiling and being joyous from the inside out isn't flippant!
  3. Visualise - a key aspect in having a reality that so many want to disassociate with or blame others for creating and have no responsibility is actually born from visualising the worse. Now I know you won't sit to visualise and think, hey let me visualise and think of the worst possible outcome, however this is the default position through worry, fear, contingency plans to facilitate the worse outcomes even...all feeding the vision that something is doomed and probably not possible or achievable. Get into the habit of visualising success not just as a one off daily activity, make it something you deliberately do throughout the day.

Of course there is more to the power of creating your own reality yet these three tips will change everything and empower you as well as of course change your reality. That is what we are all seeking after all a way to live life to its greatest and best potential!

What do you think, are you willing, ready and able to accept you create your own reality 24:7?

What are you going to do differently as a result of this article?

Are you ready to STOP thinking about creating your own reality and actually do it so it is the one you love and dream of?

Sarupa Shah, your Soul Agent

(photo credit: Alba Soler Photography via photopincc)