09/11/2016 10:18 GMT | Updated 09/11/2017 05:12 GMT

Woman And The Moon


November's Supermoon has inspired me. It's deliciously mystical at a time of the year when darkness grows deeper and chills shiver across the earth. Since forever, the connection between Woman and The Moon has been woven into an ethereal lace, an eternal braiding of opposites... of untouchable substance, wild delicacy and shamelessly flagrant secrets. Hushed, half hidden and shrouded in enigma, The Moon is the ever changing, self renewing image of the Goddess. The celestial female.

I am anticipating the intensity that will spill out over the land this November 14th as The Moon stretches herself languidly into the night. It matters not if she does address us directly or shimmers quietly unseen, for even shrouded by pregnant clouds her force field will be felt keenly. Invisibility is part of her allure.


I've always loved the moon... always find myself upwardly searching indigo skies for a glimpse... and on the nights I catch her, I'm somehow changed. More complete.

Stirred and excited.

She's a ghost. A shapeshifter. Heavenly woman. Her mystery is very seductive, and perhaps that's what stirs and excites me when I look upon her... transforms me. It's as though her ethereal fingers of light reach inside me and remind me of my own mystery... connect me to my own luminous centre... for after all, I am earthly Woman, and hold within me the story of the whole cycle: Maiden, Mother, Crone. Just like Sister Moon as she cycles through her 13 perfect breaths each year. The consequence of this celestial being, and the magnitude of ancestral woman reaches us strongly still, and cannot be denied. Those intoxicatingly rich bloodlines are intrinsic to who we are.



As I love The Moon, so I love WOMAN, and the unabridged essence of the feminine. I love that Woman is soft, indefinite, nurturing and gentle and yet holds within her the annihilating strength of a rabid beast. How fabulous is that puzzlement? It's an outrageous riddle, one that doesn't want to be answered, and neither should it be... for like The Moon, Woman is a thrilling and eternal phenomenon of change and transformation. It's all as it should be.

It's perpetual motion. Beautiful. Intricate. Simplicity.

So, I thought today's post would be the perfect curvaceous consort for some of my WOMAN UNTAMED photos... I hope you enjoy connecting with the spirits of these heavenly beings as much as I enjoyed working with them. The end results, I do believe, gifted us all equally...





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Saskia x