How to Boost Sex Drive and Vaginal Lubrication

How to Boost Sex Drive and Vaginal Lubrication

Throughout life, your body goes through many changes... your vagina is no different. Experiences such as puberty, sexual experiences, pregnancy, labour and other operative procedures, emotional and work stresses, menopause etc. take their toll. This is natural and nothing to be concerned about. However, sometimes, just like other areas of your mind and body, your vagina needs some TLC to revitalize it, make it feel good, healthy and function properly again.

A problem that many women experience is vaginal dryness. They're often very embarrassed about it but they don't need to be. Vagina dryness can be caused by many factors and is not only uncomfortable for the woman but can also lead to sexual and relationship problems with her partner. The lack of naturally produced lubrication can make sex painful and unenjoyable for the woman (Dyspareunia). It can make her feel stressed and anxious leading up to sex, dramatically reducing her libido as she worries about the lack of lubrication she produces and feels depressed that something that she should be able to do naturally, she can't. Moreover, she feels that she is letting her partner down. These worries in themselves can exacerbate the problem, which is why it is important she visits her gynaecologist to rectify the problem immediately.

What causes vaginal dryness?

  • Psychological reasons including lacking energy, having a stressful job or busy schedule can make you over-tired and just want to rest. As soon as your time off and energy levels increase again, your lubrication and sex drive should return back to normal.
  • Pathological reasons include: menopause; Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS); ovarian cysts; lack of estrogen; trauma of the vaginal wall following operations (e.g. vaginal repair; episiotomy; lacerations or tears during labour); or direct trauma to the vagina during physical activity, which leads to scarring of the vaginal wall and dryness.
  • It could also be caused by recurrent STDs including genital warts, thrush, Bacterial Vaginosis or Vulva Vaginitis, which led to continued vaginal inflammation resulting in scarring or scars; and, in some cases, may be due to infections from using sex toys or by participating in anal sex followed by vaginal sex without replacing the condom.
  • It may also be caused by frequently applying chemicals within the vulva vaginal region (e.g. excessive washing using detergents or antiseptics) as this can permanently damage the vaginal wall.
  • Destruction of the vaginal skin layers in this way will destroy the elasticity and collagens within the area. This reduces the blood supply and vessels in the area, causing the vaginal wall to shrink and narrow, resulting in the dryness.
  • Damage to the Bartholin glands due to recurrent infections, obstructions, cysts, and abscesses.
  • Your gynaecologist should also examine the glands at the neck of your cervix and your mucous membranes to ensure that they are functioning properly as they are responsible for producing your natural lubrication and keeping your vagina moist. When the vagina is unhealthy, these natural fluids diminish in quantity, causing the dryness.
  • If your problem is pathological, it will require medical assistance treat the problem.

What causes loss of libido?

A female's sex drive is directly related to her physical wellbeing, emotional and hormonal status. If she feels good, she'll want to have sex. Common causes of loss of libido include menopause, stress, tiredness, recent major surgery (including giving birth) and, interestingly, anxiety due to vaginal dryness and the associated painful intercourse (Dyspareunia). With this in mind, the pathological problems causing the vaginal dryness mentioned may also be influencing factors and should be investigated by your gynaecologist.

What is the best way to increase my natural vaginal lubrication again?

Treatment should be decided pending on your gynaecologist's diagnosis. However, for some women, the hormonal and emotional imbalances that are causing their vaginal dryness and low sex drive may be due to something as simple as an imbalance of the vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc. that their body needs to function properly. For example, research shows that, when given high levels of zinc and vitamin C, post-menopausal women's levels of vaginal lubrication and libido dramatically improves. Furthermore, vitamins A, E and C are proven to massively improve all women's vaginal lubrication.

It's always better to avoid medication and supplements where possible so, if this is the case, we may prescribe an IV Vitamin Infusion (possibly including blood tests) to restore the vitamin, minerals and other essentials balance in your body. This will help to improve the cell production of your reproductive and other organs, encouraging them to increase production of your body's natural lubrication. We would also advise that your partner undergoes the treatment at the same time as it is important that we treat you as a couple incase there are any other underlying problems causing the problem that need treating.

The great thing about Vitamin Infusions is that the ingredients are 100% natural and the concoction of vitamins and minerals in your infusion will be especially tailored to your own body with a focus on improving your vaginal lubrication and libido. Plus, the infusion transports the ingredients directly into your blood stream meaning that, depending on the severity of your problem, you will see the results immediately. This is something that medication alone cannot achieve.

Furthermore, as well as improving the pathological symptoms of your problem, the infusion has other benefits such as boosting your immune system and bodily function; boosting your mood and energy levels; improving the vitality of your skin and hair; brightening your eyes and making you look and feel alert and revitalized. This in itself will help to boost your libido as the more you look and feel attractive, the more you'll want to have sex. So, if you feel sexy, attractive and turned on, your brain will send signals to your healthy vagina saying 'lubricate, lubricate, lubricate!'

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