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Are You a Genealogy Geek and Proud of it?

This got me to thinking ...... just how do you know when you are a 'Genealogy Geek'? Since it takes one to know one .... here are my symptoms:

A couple years ago I was given one of those page-a-day calendars. I tore off the first day, New Year's Day, Jan 1 and have kept it ever since. It speaks to me like little else does!

Is there really anything left to say?

This got me to thinking ...... just how do you know when you are a 'Genealogy Geek'? Since it takes one to know one .... here are my symptoms:

• You know exactly how far back you have traced your family tree -- to the year.

• You watched the countdown to the release of the 1940 United States Census and then happily searched using enumeration districts.

• You curse 1890 and know why.

• You want to have one more child or grandchild since you have discovered several historic family names that you really want to see carried on in the family.

• You recognize 'the look' at cocktail parties when someone sees you, you see them, and they hightail it across the room so as not to have to hear about your newest discoveries.

• You have come to know well the very best stifled yawn when telling your dearest story of discovery and quickly end it, but not without some serious personal pain at having to have missed telling that unlucky soul some of the finer 'key points'.

• You have been at your desk, immersed in family history, only to find that the clock says 2 am when you figured it was only about 2 pm.

• You read genealogy articles and actually focus on, and enjoy reading, the footnotes, end notes, and then look them up for more reading.

• You have a special 'Brick Wall' playlist on your iPod for that extra juice you need when you need a little something extra!

• You understand the concept of 'once removed' and 'third cousins'.

• You use agnate, enate, palaeograhy, and matrilineal in sentences and know the difference.

• You can talk about haplogroups, snips, strands, markers, Y and Mt DNA and not bat an eyelash.

• You know exactly which port each of your ancestors came through on their way to the shores of the United States.

• You belong to at least two genealogical societies, three historical societies, a museum or two, and a professional organization all for genealogy and you KNOW there are several more you really 'need' to join.

• Speaking of 'need', you also know that genealogy is a 'need' and not an option.

• You have certain key subscription sites set to 'auto-renew' because you would freak out if you lost access even for a few minutes.

• The content of your bookshelf has taken on a distinctly new flavor with titles that reflect your passion for genealogy and family history and are now crowding out the 'best seller' titles.

• You have tramped through countless cemeteries and find them quite enjoyable rather than 'creepy'.

• You know that SSDI is not the same as the Strategic Defense Initiative.

• You have helped someone out with a genealogy/family history problem 'just for the fun of it'.

• and vice-versa.

• You know that roots is far more than a TV series.

• You read the pictured 'thought-for-the-day' and simply said 'YEP'!

Are we blessed to be "Genealogy Geeks' or what?

I respond with a resounding YES!

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