09/09/2016 08:47 BST | Updated 09/09/2017 06:12 BST

When The 'R's Go Missing

How 'r' you today? I hope things are running smoothly so that you can have another productive day.

Yesterday I did what I always do, rolled out of bed, saw to the cats, pottered around tidying (I can't function in too much of a mess, I have my limits). I enjoyed a nice relaxed breakfast with my youngest who was all set and ready to leave for her sixth form interview...exciting times!

Anyway, once I saw her off I got on with my usual routine of making myself a cup of herbal tea, deciding where I'd like to work from ( chose the garden to make the best of the elusive sunshine) and set up my laptop ready to work through my goals for the day.

Little Did I Know, a Great Lesson Awaited This Very Day

I started tapping away at the keyboard, revamping and adding new courses to my training brochure when I suddenly discovered that all the 'r's wee missing fom the wods I typed...see what I mean? That's not good; it changes the whole meaning of my sentences, paragraphs, brochure...the whole deal, which in turn looks unprofessional and may deter potential organisations from booking me to help train their employees....all in all a potential 'business jeopardiser'!

Believe it or not this mini drrrrama (see what I did there?) did give me a great deal of food for thought.

Firstly when my bestie John came over to have his complaining email put together, yes I am that person! The one who writes great complaints letters and gets the desired result; currently a very popular, free, friends only service. I wonder, could this be another possible income stream?

Anyway I digress, so John, my bestie came over and I explained the 'r' key issue and how momentarily frustrated I got as I had typed a heap load of stuff before I realised there were no 'r's in sight! He suggested I clean it...hhmmmphhh "I do clean it you know!" I spouted annoyingly. He completely ignored my retort (that's when you know you truly are best buddies!) and gently explained that sometimes tiny things can jam the key...aha!

So we went about gently cleaning the key board and it still didn't resolve the issue...that's right buddy, that keyboard was already clean!

After much exploration and competition between the two of us, I decided that all it needed was a little calm TLC and fairy dust; I gently wiggled it about, despite being very aware that it may do nothing at all, I blew around it, loved it and tapped on it's now working!

Mwahhahaha! It was up and running and I happily typed the masterpiece complaint email for John whilst we both bopped to the drum and base beat he had put on to ease my stress.

What did I learn again (yes some lessons need to be reiterated from time to time)?

This challenge reaffirms three things:

1. You need someone to share ideas with

2. You need someone to keep you going

3. You need to look at things calmly, clearly and from a new perspective.

This whole experience can be likened to a coaching journey with any one of my clients. Imagine you are that client, the start you feel you cannot see how to achieve your chosen goal; but you get a coach and now have a sounding board that throws out lots of carefully designed questions which begin to make you think in a different way. Suddenly, you start to see small step solutions, there may be additional challenges along the way but these too are navigated and hey presto! You have achieved the desired goal despite the challenges faced along the way.

If you are looking for that additional motivational person to help you overcome a challenge (or two) drop me a line or Book yourself in for a Free Consultation with me personally.