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Compassion in Politics and Power

I often wonder how different the world would be if it was governed more equally. If compassion ranked high on the agenda with power, wealth and status, which seems to have been the driving force in our world for centuries.

I often wonder how different the world would be if it was governed more equally. If compassion ranked high on the agenda with power, wealth and status, which seems to have been the driving force in our world for centuries.

Maybe you don't agree, but think for a moment. If for every David Cameron there was a Mother Theresa, if for every Barack Obama there was a Dame Jane Goodall DBE , if for every Vladimar Putin there was an Alice Herz Sommer - and if the heads of the banking world were given some guidance by compassionate voices to aid them in their decisions, I'm sure the changes would be profound.

I've never been a feminist and have no wish to burn my bra. Perhaps in my twenties, though my only issues then, were strapless dresses and off the shoulder summer tops looking elegant without the worry of bra straps. I don't wish to discredit the male population either and we only have to look towards Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela to know compassion can be in the heart of everyone's being. It's not rocket science though to see our planet is in pretty bad shape with famine, disease, war and inequality all still making headline news.

The problem we have is compassion does not seem to sit alongside the world's decision makers. We need to see more female energy, creativity, inspiration and love mixed equally in what is at present a lethal cocktail of on-going and growing destruction to the planet, its total inhabitants and to the human race too.

Even the work place is crying out for changes. For long enough now has the boardroom been over populated by male occupancy thriving on power, profitability and a bullying approach without regard for employee's welfare. Within the UK stress affects one in five of the working population and is the biggest cause of sickness, surely this has to tell us once again that we are conforming to a society which just isn't working.

I hold my hand up and will openly admit to being a casualty of work related stress. Sitting until the small hours of the morning trying to do battle with increasing requests laid out by a sales manager, whose desire for promotion and dominance didn't spare thought for the wellbeing and work satisfaction amongst his team. With barely a few hours sleep I would face the next day drinking copious amounts of coffee to keep myself awake behind the wheel, trying to conduct my job with the same enthusiasm as I had before. Suffering in silence because I didn't want to be seen as incapable, yet feeling totally burned out within.

Thankfully there are companies who now realise wellbeing is the key to keeping their employees motivated, but in terms of worldwide compassion, we have a long way to go yet!

I think it's time for a compassionate voice, don't you?

We don't want to rule the world

We just want to be the change,

We want decisions with compassion

Not with pound signs at close range,

We are sick and tired of wars

Fighting talk and discrimination,

Across all corners of the world

We want to see a shared salvation,

Politicians with false promises

Laws that don't make sense,

So we've come to this conclusion

We're coming down from off the fence,

We only want to have our say

Can that really be so wrong?

We just want to be the change

Create a world where love is strong,

When God created Eden

He created Adam and he created Eve,

One to plant the semen

The other to conceive,

He made them both as equals

To ensure of their survival,

On what he called the Mother Earth

And she embraced her new arrival,

What he didn't plan and anticipate

Was that man would take the lead,

That man would play the master

That he would fall in love with GREED,

Now it's time to turn things round

We'll be the change we want to see,

We're through with bullies in the work place

And lives in jeopardy

For speaking out and showing strength

For being who we want to be,

For waking up to all that's wrong

To all the pain and misery,

So come on now guys, you've screwed things up,

Admit the mess you've made,

Now it's time we shared the role

And this time we won't be swayed,

We'll be the change we want to see

We'll guide the ruthless mind,

We'll take care of our Mother Earth

And we'll replace the hate with kind.

© 2014 S.M.Toni

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