17/06/2016 11:05 BST | Updated 15/06/2017 06:12 BST

How Dare You? - An Open Letter To Trump

To Donald J Drumpf,

How dare you send me an email I have never subscribed to, when seeing your name in my inbox is more repulsive to me than the scam emails I get offering me £10,000,000 from Nigeria because I have won some grand beauty contest. If you paid for my email data with the many millions you allegedly self-fund yourself with, then do me a favour and use that money on someone who doesn't consider your cyber presence a waste of precious, limited Internet space.


How dare you use the mindless slaughter of 50 innocent men and women for your personal gain, scoring political points on your opponents and capitalizing on the bubbling feelings of anger, hurt, loss, grief, heartache and fear that swept through the nation and the world after the atrocious Orlando attacks!

How dare you insinuate that anyone is at fault for letting this heinous act happen other than the perpetrator himself! It is not Obama's fault. It is not Hilary's fault. It is not free flowing immigration's fault. It is not Islam's fault. It is not all Muslims' faults.

How dare you give yourself the credit to suggest that your Presidency would have, and will prevent such lunatics from ever committing acts of terror on American soil! It would not and could not have been stopped had you implemented your Draconian fetishes; it would not have been stopped had you thrown more guns into the people's hands; it would not have been stopped by bombing ISIS because you have already been doing that for some time now and not much has really happened; it would not have been stopped by banning all Muslims from entering the country for too many reasons to count, but just fyi, the vast majority of mass shootings are committed by white males. Crazies exist in all colours, sir!

How dare you play the savior card for the LGBTQ community when your record on gay rights has barely been something to write home about!

How dare you turn this into an attack on Islam and Muslims when the perpetrator had nothing to do with Islam or the over 1 billion law-abiding Muslims in the world, but rather was an American-born, mentally unstable, abusive, misogynistic, violent sociopath who himself was gay!

How dare you benefit from the freedoms of a nation built on immigrants, the great grandson of immigrants, and then call yourself a Presidential candidate for the land of the free!

Mr. Drumpf, I see it my duty to openly condemn all terrorism, racism, sexism, homophobia, violence and hate. Let it be known that I thus openly condemn your words and actions as a peaceful, law-abiding British Muslim who has no space in his heart for hate and bigotry. You sir, are preaching nothing short of fascism. As any other sane human being would, I mourn the victims of Orlando, I pray for their families, and I strive for a world in which such atrocities are incomprehensible. The shooter does not represent any part of humanity, because no senseless killing can ever be integrated with shared human values.

When this is all over, Mr. Drumpf, I look forward to watching you return to primetime TV with your tail in between your legs, a world where we could all laugh at you without having to worry about what insanity will come out of your mouth next.

Shame on you.

May peace be upon you,

Shehroze Khan (Yes, he IS a Muslim)