05/02/2013 04:43 GMT | Updated 06/04/2013 06:12 BST

Are Critics of Beyonce's 'Risque' Super Bowl Performance Unaware of What the Super Bowl Represents?


People are Seriously Concerned About Beyonce's 'risque' Super Bowl Performance?

In a article entitled 'Beyonce's halftime show criticized for risque costumes, content' Gael Fashingbauer Cooper of TODAY asked whether Beyonce's performance was too hot for family viewing: "

"The Superdome audience went wild for Beyonce's halftime performance, which included a reunion with her 1990s R&B group, Destiny's Child. But not everyone felt that the show, which included Beyonce in a low-cut leather outfit and some sexual innuendo, was family-friendly enough for the biggest football game of the year."

Maybe I'm missing something or maybe this whole article is a joke - inserted slyly by The Onion's reporters when no one was looking...

According to the article, there are a lot of people upset by Beyonce's and her dancers' attire and their "sexual" performance.

We would have to assume that these same critics who tuned in to the Super Bowl with their families were okay with the cheerleaders' skimpy outfits and all of the sexually-tinged commercials that were played.

The Super Bowl is supposed to be 'family-friendly?' Since when? My husband and I have no interest in sports, but if we did, I'm sure we would know what kind of entertainment content was going to be on tap for the halftime show.

I mean, isn't this the same show where Janet Jackson 'accidentally' had a wardrobe malfunction?

Isn't football on this level all about men and their balls and women dressed in skimpy outfits cheering them on?

All I'm saying is, I don't see how anyone should be surprised by how women's sexuality and value is going to be portrayed during a Super Bowl. Simply turning on the television during "the biggest football game of the year" pretty much guarantees you are about to be witness to every stereotype of big, strong man and pretty, sexy lady as possible. To expect anything else in the year 2013, unfortunately, does not seem realistic.