16/10/2017 08:32 BST | Updated 16/10/2017 08:32 BST

10 Reasons To Hire A Private Tutor For Your Child


Picture courtesy of Attuned Education

For most parents, the education of their children is a priority and a growing number of parents pay for supplementary tuition for their children. There are a number of reasons why this is effective, affordable for most parents, and can be very beneficial for the child or young person.

IT Solves Their Problems

It means that THEIR specific problems can be addressed. In a class setting time may be spent going over things they already understand but with tuition there can be a focus just on the areas that are causing problems for your child.

It Ensures They Nail the Basics

Many subjects have hierarchical elements, so in maths for example a struggle with number bonds or basic processes like addition, will make tackling more complex problems almost impossible. This is true in lots of subjects and simply sorting out some of these basics issues means progress is possible.

Maximum Focus

When a tutor works one to one with a child there is literally no escape, no chance to chat with friends, or be distracted. They don't even have to sit with their hand up waiting for the teacher to come and help them. Sessions with a tutor may be short but they are intense and often much more is covered than it would be in a class setting.

Positive Relationship

The hope as a parent is always that our children have good relationships with most of their teachers, but we can probably all remember a teacher that we just didn't seem to click with. The advantage with a private tutor is that you can make sure it is someone who the child responds well to. Though I must add that in my experience, as a parent, a tutor, and director of a tuition agency, positive relationships develop very quickly with tutors.

Your Child can be Honest

It's tough for some kids, in front of mates to stick up their hand and admit they don't understand something. With a private tutor there are no mates to impress or to feel silly in front of, so the child is much more likely to be honest about what they can and can't do or any difficulties they might experience.

Increased Confidence

If a child struggles with any aspect of learning at school the chances are that before long they will stop enjoying lessons and may resist going to school. Having a tutor, even for just a short time, to iron out a few difficulties will almost certainly increase their confidence.

Helps Them Develop a Positive View of Their Own Learning

Sadly some students, when they struggle with something at school, start to believe that they can't learn or that there is something wrong with them, when in fact they have just needed a bit more time or one more explanation. Having a tutor can prevent this and while it is an investment it is one that is very worthwhile. They can develop a positive mind set about their own learning which then has an impact on their self-esteem.

You are In control

Because tuition is much more personal parents can develop a good relationship with the tutor. It is also a business arrangement and parents often say they value the feedback they get from tutors but also their flexibility. They may be engaged to help with maths, for example but most tutors are experienced teachers who can advise on a whole range of school related issues.

It Demonstrates Your Commitment to Education

This is an important message for your child. You value their learning so highly that you are prepared to invest money, time and energy to make sure they are supported. Parents often ask if they should let the school know their child has a tutor and I would always suggest they do as it demonstrates how seriously you take your child's education

It is affordable

For some parents the cost of a private school is simply too high but engaging a private tutor is affordable for a wide range of families. The cost of tuition varies according to the level of study and the location, but in many areas £25 - £30 for one hour would be average. One hour per week would often be all a child needs to gain all the benefits mentioned above and it doesn't even need to be ongoing. Many parents will hire a tutor for one hour a week for 6 weeks then leave it for a term and see how the child gets on. If they continue to have problems you can always re-instate it.

If you see your child is struggling then hiring a tutor is a great way to support them. You might feel that teaching them is something you could do yourself as a parent, and of course that is possible but their relationship with you is very different and of course tutors are usually very skilled at helping chilldren and young people, so it is worth considering this as an option.