30/08/2016 07:42 BST | Updated 28/08/2017 06:12 BST

The Beauty Of A Companion

Companions come in all shapes and sizes. We often associate our perfect companion as someone or something that we wish to spend the rest of our lives with. Some believe this is fate knocking at our door, others see it as the perfect coincidence. Either way, I consider it as a beautiful notion and one that I witness everyday with my Goldendoodle puppy, Katrina.

I would like to say that I live a happy life, but moments of difficulty and sadness often took that away from me. It's no surprise that for the past few years we've not really experienced any true form of happiness; whatever we showed publicly was purely superficial. Nothing seemed to be going right. When obstacles and negativity cloud your everyday, it normally shakes your faith whatever it may be; however not for me. My belief in God and a higher power never dwindled; I pray everyday that my family and everyone in the world can feel some form of joy, light and positivity. For the past year my prayers always asked for something to be the harbinger of light, a bright light.

Then came the early parts of summer. My dad confirmed that he had seen the most beautiful puppy he has ever seen and that he would be bringing it home in late June. The 19th of June was a turning point in our family's life. Katrina was her name and she was the shining light that we all needed. A little scared at the beginning, she's grown into the cutest puppy I have ever known. Her beautiful soul, smile and demeanour are what make me want to be at home and do nothing but hug and play with her. It's no longer about human and dog, it's about a family member that has now found their place in our lives, our beautiful companion.

The Oxford Dictionary defines a companion as 'each of a pair of things intended to complement or match each other.' Katrina complements each one of us in every way possible; she's attuned to our feelings, our sentiments. She knows when it's playtime and when it's quiet time. She knows when we are stressed and feel the weight on our shoulders. She get's it. The biggest change I have seen is in my dad. He's worked hard from a tender age and still continues to do so even as he now nears the big 6-0. With both my brother and me grown up, he's not been able to play around with us like he used to. Katrina's beautiful innocence and spirit has allowed my dad to be a kid again, to feel free again. Stress is but a word that gets lost in the light breeze outdoors when we run around with our baby Kat. My mum, who for years couldn't be around animals, has truly found her best friend, her beautiful companion. She feels content and calm and like all mothers, instinct kicks in and all she wants to do is provide for the gorgeous Katrina.

But what has Katrina done to my life? She has made me realise that there is more to life than anxiety and discontent, that the more you make of each day the better you feel. Her giddiness and purity each morning and night, is what makes everyday a great day for me. Her aura has brought such serenity to our home, that not only is she our beautiful companion, she's the divine light we have been waiting for.

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