uk pets

"my cat talks a mad amount of s**t for being a creature i can easily pick up and wiggle"
"I grieve the loss of who I was: someone who felt secure in the knowledge that I had never knowingly caused anyone grief."
"love when a dog has a stupid name. what do you mean this idiot answers to Typewriter"
Your furry friend could be subtly telling you that something is wrong. Don't ignore these red flags.
You could accidentally put your furry friends at risk.
"my dog would freak tf out if she knew she was made of bones"
"When I leave for more than four hours my cat gets so upset she throws up so sometimes I look at my boyfriend and I'm like do you even love me"
"when i say i got that dog in me i mean im insecure confused and really scared right now"
"it's really unfair that my dog and me can't sit down and share a cup of joe"