21/08/2014 11:32 BST | Updated 20/10/2014 06:59 BST

To the One I Love

To the One I love, you don't know me yet.

Frankly, I don't even know if we will meet each other in this lifetime. But by any chance, should you be out there and reading this, please do not hesitate to find me. I know that when you find yourself, we will certainly meet somehow.

The truth is, I am slowly (and finally) coming together after the broken pieces of me have remoulded themselves into something better and stronger. I am brave again to open up my heart to all the possibilities, and not be crippled by my past.

The One I love is someone who is willing and ready to love me despite all my failings. He knows I am not perfect, and it is ok. It is not his job to fix me, but he will offer his help respectfully and lovingly.

He is not afraid to stand up for me when needed, as much as, stand up to me when I am wrong. He will challenge my ideas, as much as, supports them. Because he is not my "yes-man". Or, anyone's "yes-man", for that matter. He is his own man.

He has his own mind, although at times he may choose to deviate from it in order to keep the greater peace for the both of us. I would recognise and value this, time and time again. Because it does not mean I am right or I have won. It is simply a reflection of his grace.

His strength does not come from oppressing me, but in empowering and inspiring me. He has the courage to push all my buttons, no matter how much I protest or detest to do it myself. Because he sees my greatest potential even when I get blindsided.

His ego is not going to stop him from doing what is right, or beneficial and necessary. Even if it something trivial like holding my hand bag in public while I run off to the bathroom. Because his mascuiinity does not hinge on an act or a word.

He does not carry around a "calculator" to document who has done more, or who has paid for what. Although he endorses equality for all, he is not stingy in expressing his affections in a multitude of ways. He believes that I am worthy of his love and care.

The One I love does not disrespect me no matter how ridiculous I can get. He may not always see my point of view or enjoy what I like, but he is never cruel or unkind.

Above all, he makes me want to be a better woman in every way.

The One we love is someone who brings out the best in us, while taking on the risk of encountering the worst in us. He or she does not give up on us easily, because "working it out together" embodies a higher meaning and purpose.

When it comes to love, we would do the same and more for the Ones who hold our hearts in the palm of their hands. It beguiles logic and symmetry. It is very magic that makes us swoon, and our world a much more beautiful place.

Until the day we meet, may we become the Ones who can be loved.