05/02/2013 08:02 GMT | Updated 06/04/2013 06:12 BST

Let Me Run in Peace!

Running is my 'me' time and I am totally selfish with it. My special time of the day when I ignore people and I expect them to ignore me back.

So what is it about seeing people running that motivates other people to behave like idiots?

  • The guy in the white van who has to beep his horn and yell, stupid remarks out the window at me.
  • The driver who gives me thumbs up and a clap because I am running (why?)
  • The people who slow down and offer me a lift if I am running in the rain (hello?)
  • The youngsters who start to mimic my step and run alongside when they see me approach
  • The careless driver who smacks my arm with his wing-mirror
  • The flasher who gives me a" show" as I pass ( yes, really!)
  • Oh and of course the dog walkers who let Fido or Rover lunge or jump up at me as I pass?

Please people, don't talk to me, wave to me, beep your horn, look at me or bother me when I am in my zone!!

But my absolute total-above-everything-else-completely-single-most-irritating-infuriating-maddening-anger-inducing-thing-of-all:

Do not even THINK about stopping your car to ask me directions.

What is it with that?

Invariably you stop when you are not far from a main road complete with shops, gas station and people at bus stops.

So why oh why if you are lost, do you wait until you are 100 meters away from there to ask for directions, and then select someone who is clearly busy doing their "thing"?

Which bit don't you understand?

I am running. I am wearing headphones. I ignore your car horn and your shouting out the window. So, what then motivates you to either kerb crawl alongside me until I finally turn round with an exasperated "what"? or, even better, you jump out of the car a few meters ahead of me and stand in front of me?

What is that all about?

Amazing what people will do.

Thanks folks. I was timing that. I am training for a race. I am focusing on my footsteps. You wrecked it for me.

So, the next time you get lost, for goodness sake don't ask a runner the way. Not only will your spoil the most perfect part of their day for them, but you can be 100% sure they will send you the wrong direction after you did!!