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10 Healthy Breakfasts for a Summer Morning

How easy is it to put on a couple of boiled eggs before going to work? An egg contains approximately 80 calories and contains almost every nutrient in one bite. The white is made mostly of protein and the yolk holds 13 essential nutrients to keep us healthy.
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Do you remember the jingle 'go to work on an egg?' You probably don't, however it is embedded in my family life through clever marketing in the late 50s and into the early 70s. It serves as a good reminder as to how important the first meal of the day is. So instead of tucking into a convenient bowl of sweetened cereal or missing breakfast altogether, opt to start the day with breakfast attitude.

Breakfast provides energy and nutrients for concentration in work and in the classroom. Studies show that children who eat a healthy breakfast do better in school and are a healthy weight.

1. Bacon and Warm Tomato Toasted Sandwich

Served as an occasional breakfast treat, bacon helps maintain brain cells, making us alert and ready for the day ahead. The tomato and lettuce adds colour and an element of balance. This is a good breakfast to take when you may not be able to eat again until the evening, just make sure to use whole grain bread for slow release energy, not brown or white bread.

2. Poached Haddock and Cheese Sauce

Haddock is light and easily digested, making it good breakfast choice for people who need to be active, physically and mentally. The fat and the protein in the cheese and milk provides slow release energy, keeps you fuller for longer and provides a super fix of micronutrients, in addition to tasting good. If you don't like the idea of a cheese sauce, consider a couple of soft poached eggs as a good alternative.

3. Avocado and Chocolate Smoothie

Smoothies are a very popular breakfast option, particularly for those on the go. Avocados are high in the right type of fat (full of Omega 3 for healthy heart and brain) and because they keep hunger at bay, there will be no need to snack. The fruit and vegetables provide an early pick me up mix of micro nutrients.

4. Perfectly Boiled Eggs

How easy is it to put on a couple of boiled eggs before going to work? An egg contains approximately 80 calories and contains almost every nutrient in one bite. The white is made mostly of protein and the yolk holds 13 essential nutrients to keep us healthy. Eggs provide the energy, the alertness and the stamina needed for the day ahead. Serve with whole grain toast for the feeling of fullness.

5. Muesli with Banana

It's worth double checking the nutritional information on the muesli you select as some are much higher in sugar than others. Banana will provide a much better source of instant energy than processed sugar, particularly if you walk, cycle or run to work in the morning. If you are lactose intolerant, this also tastes well with almond milk.

6. Fruit and Granola

This is a great option for someone on the go; you can prepare the ingredients at home, pop in a plastic tub and bring with you to munch on in the office. Fruit contains a myriad of nutrients and the granola provides the feeling of fullness by releasing energy over a period of some hours, avoiding the mid morning slump.

7. Porridge with Cinnamon and Honey

A bowl of porridge is the perfect start to any winter's morning and will keep you filled up for hours. And the best thing is that you can have lots of fun trying out a multitude of different toppings depending on your mood. Cinnamon is a great appetite suppressor, whilst honey (a natural sugar) contains trace amounts of minerals and vitamins which are absent in household sugar.

8. Wholegrain Toast, Butter and Marmalade

Wholegrain bread, a complex carbohydrate, releases energy slowly, keeping you alert throughout the morning. Butter is a source of calcium for healthy bones and teeth and has fat to keep you fuller. One tablespoon of marmalade - good quality or preferably homemade, provides a small shot of vitamin C and iron. My recipe contains the skin, pips, pith and the juice which are a source of bio flavonoids; an antioxidant, good for keeping eyes alert and healthy. Citrus peel even help lower levels of LDL cholesterol. If you are concerned about the amount of sugar, feel free to reduce or use Stevia or Xylitol both natural sweeteners which claim to be non addictive, and lower in calories.

9. Mushrooms on Toast

Natural yoghurt provides the creaminess that complements the mushrooms and garlic flavours. Mushrooms are a great start to the day because they contain no cholesterol and are high in the trace elements, niacin and selenium which both play a part in healthy brain function.

10. Huevos Rancheros

Start the day with this sharing breakfast for four. Huevos rancheros has it all; taste, goodness and is a massive dollop of fun to make. In terms of goodness, we know all about the benefits of eggs at breakfast time, however tomatoes which are a good source of fibre and vitamin C, help the absorption of iron and control sugar levels throughout the day.

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