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Is Skincare Still Being Perceived As Feminine?

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The Stats

Let's look at the stats; just 42% of men use a moisturiser whilst only 32% use a facial cleanser on a regular basis.* The world of skincare is still very feminised and despite it being an industry that has been developing products and spending millions on marketing for a long time, still only a minority of men have a basic skincare regime in place.

The Rise of The Sporno

Even today, the idea of male skincare remains a cause for ridicule. We now hear of the "spornosexuals" as some men get more plucked, tanned and buffer than before.

Google "spornosexuality" and you are bombarded with negative headlines; "If this is what spornosexual means, then God help us all" suggested one famous newspaper not so long ago.

But what exactly is so bad about men who want to count their macros and pluck their eyebrows? If British men are now entering an epidemic of self-care and wellness then surely this can only be positive? If fitness is acceptable for men, then why not skincare?

The wellness industry certainly feels more progressive as we see traditional gender boundaries being broken down. Just look at the headlines associated with the revelation that the NFL's Baltimore Raven's defensive line had adopted yoga, Pilates as part of their preparations.

Ten years ago, protein shakes were a 'man's thing' but today these shakes feel universal. Hardly a weekend goes by now without a Sunday newspaper supplement recommending the top protein powders for women.

Is the beauty industry falling behind? Perhaps so. Today's Instagram generation would not think twice about a woman posting a selfie of a #SundayFaceMask, but if a man did this, then he's still probably opening himself up for abuse.

Men Do Care

Today, I think most men care about how they look. There is more engagement and understanding of the benefits that taking care of your skin can deliver. We have seen increasing popularity for male beauty vloggers and bloggers such as James Welsh, Robin James and Manny MUA who are amazing at educating their audiences on skincare and even make up. Their popularity suggests that there is a demand for advice and product recommendations. Unfortunately, there are still trolls who criticise these men because they are "different".

Skincare for men needs to be normalised. I'm not saying that all men should have a 10-step skincare routine. All I am saying is that it's okay if you do want to.

The Importance of Skincare

You wouldn't go a day without drinking water to hydrate your body and the same applies to your skin. Your skin is your largest organ and needs moisture. I always recommend to even the most ardent rejecters of male skincare that they should try using a quality moisturiser and face wash every day for just two weeks. I think that if you do this your skin will look and feel healthier. You'll notice less flaking skin or tightness after shave. You might just get some nice compliments too.

When it comes to cleansing, it's obvious. Most of us shower daily, so why would you miss out your face. The skin on your face is different to the rest of your body (it's thinner), so it requires different care. It's also something that takes less than half a minute to do.

Bulldog Skincare For Men has been purpose built for men. We see ourselves as a companion to help modern men look after themselves. Our packaging is straightforward so it's easy to understand and to use. I would encourage you to give it a try!

(*Source- Lightspeed GMI/Mintel 2016. Study on 997 male internet users ages 16+)

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