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The most baffling part of BECCA's beauty campaign is that this has happened before.
Shoppers have called it a 'step in the right direction'.
'Nobody gave me any answer or solution, or even a bit of empathy. But they still took my money.'
Mango, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana have been called out for having 'the most whitewashed ads of the season'.
Before she starred in Hitchcock classics this legendary actor was a successful model.
A size 20 customer would pay less for the same pair of trousers if they bought them from the 'Tall' range instead of the 'Curve' range.
#InYourOwnSkin celebrates features that are often covered up as they are perceived to be ‘imperfections’.
'I'm not ashamed of a few lumps, and you shouldn't be either.'