09/02/2015 07:48 GMT | Updated 07/04/2015 06:59 BST

Planning to Propose on Valentine's Day? Here Are Some Tips...

There are a few days in the year which people expect to be proposed to on: New Year's Eve, anniversary of your relationship and, of course, Valentine's Day.

And although asking someone to marry them on one of these days is sometimes considered a tad cheesy, it can also be super romantic, especially if they say yes of course!

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, there must be many men (and some very modern women) who have a diamond-filled ring box ready to be opened, along with THE question of their life. But where to pop the question? And what with? There's some planning to do it seems, even before thinking about the actual wedding.

So I've taken it upon myself to offer some (hopefully) valued tips if you plan to use 14 February to get engaged. By all means, send this link to your other half, in the hopes that they are planning to do just this!

  • By all means propose at a restaurant - but make the restaurant choice count. Maybe it's where you went on your first date, maybe it's at the top of an impressive tower with a good view, maybe you get the waiter to put the ring on the desert plate.

  • Go down memory lane - take your other half back in time to your first date place, or to somewhere which means something to you both. Maybe it's the park you first walked through, or a hotel you first stayed at.

  • Propose in public - but only if you think your other half will be OK with this. There's nothing worse than asking a DJ to announce it, or having it flash up at a football game if she/he is shy. It'll just embarrass the situation.

  • Do it with flowers and/or chocolates - but make sure it's her/his favourites. Don't run into a petrol station and grab a dead bunch of freesias, or a box of Milk Tray. Do it properly. Go all out. Buy 50 red roses, or chose the expensive chocolate.

  • Surprise her - if there's no heirloom ring, why not take her to her favourite jewellery shop, 'just to try things on', and when she sees something she loves, THEN get on one knee.

  • Be inventive - I'm not going to give you all the ideas, but what about taking her to the theatre, asking for a tour backstage after the show, then when the curtain opens on an empty auditorium, pop the question? It's a huge gesture

  • You could try some planned spontaneity - taking the dog for a walk, shopping in the aisles of Tesco, in bed on a Sunday morning with a coffee and the papers... you may not have thought these occasions were worthy of asking your better half to marry you, but they make fun stories!

  • And then there's going all out - think a proposal message and your new fiancé's name in lights on the screens at Piccadilly Circus in London, or maybe a small airplane trailing a 'will you marry me?' message behind it in the sky. Think big, and she/he might just say yes!

Hope those help!