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My ex-boyfriend used to describe himself as a 'hopeless romantic'. Not because he couldn't help but be romantic, unfortunately, but because he considered himself completely hopeless at doing anything romantic. The mere thought of Valentine's Day would bring him out in a cold sweat.
The answer to all of the above is yes, yes and yes my disability does not stop me from wanting to find love, have a sex life or be seen as desirable. So why do people feel they need to ask these questions to people with disabilities?
what if you don't eat meat? What if you're allergic to shellfish? What if you've committed to going sugar free for February? There's nothing romantic about eating something you don't like, or indeed, something that makes you poorly with grim side effects!
Maybe, with life being so busy, we have to prearrange it all, even if it means that we all end up celebrating our love in one identikit packaged, shrink-wrapped night. And yet... something about all that prearranged perfection makes me want that Boredom app to vibrate on my wrist or phone.
You'll never attract love if you don't know what it is. Love is never about just one person. It's a way of life, an attitude and spiritual awareness. I don't believe love can exist in absence of these things.
Last minute shopping on Valentine's Day is nothing new but how shoppers are shopping is. Aphrodite might be the goddess of love but mobile is the god of Valentine's Day retail - and, more than ever before, these lagging lovers are making their purchases on the go.
It is a time when people take stock of their love lives. They evaluate what they have and whether it's what they really want. If one partner is unsure about the future together they will not want to make big romantic gestures on Valentine's Day so this is why breakups spike just before the big day.
The sad and rather ironic fact is there is always an increase in break-ups around Valentines Day. At a time when many couples are planning a romantic evening, buying each other cards and celebrating their love it seems strange that this is a peak time for splits.