15/01/2014 05:34 GMT | Updated 16/03/2014 05:59 GMT

Quit the Caffeine and Become a Juice Junkie

So, with a New Year Resolution in place and in action, resigned to detox for a set 9 days or more, I need to find a way of replacing the energy boost my daily cups of coffee provide. Weaning myself off coffee can be a challenge to say the least, with my regular daily intake between 2-5 cups, but since embarking on my new healthy attitude I have discovered a world of blending, juicing, extracting, squeezing and renewing - all without the help of the ever appealing coffee bean in sight. Replaced instead by chilli, lime, fruit, veg, flavour, texture, and colour. We're talking VARIETY!!

The benefits of juice and an increased alkaline diet are documented as being life-invigorating, healing, empowering, cleansing and according to Brandon Bays, life saving! Brandon, if you are not already aware, was diagnosed with a life-threatening tumour which she alleges to have removed by following a RAW FOOD diet and POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS as well as working through her pain and past actions.

Ticking off boxes one by one, I embark on the kicking the rubbish out of my diet.

Stopping caffeine, dairy, fat, basically ditching the rubbish, you can restart your body's motor tuning it up nicely. Here are my 5 favourite juices at the moment, and remember to keep hydrated whilst on a detox, as it is the key to avoiding headaches and lightheadedness. Make plenty of juice, then bottle it for the day and try and choose organic fruit and veg where possible and when the budget will allow.


Here it is:-

Freeze 20 or so Grapes.


Dust off your blender and find:-

A fistful of Kale

Half a cucumber, skinned and chopped finely.

Some lime leaves (if you have no Lime leaves, try Lime Juice)

1/4 to 1/2 a Green Chilli

Whizz it up..

Get out your shot glass

Fill up your class with this green powerful jus...

Pick up a frozen grape and enjoy...

The power of the chilli and lime flavour, gives a pow in your mouth, which is perfectly smoothed over with the grape!


"Deciding to kick the coffee habit has been my key to discovering the world of my dusty old juicer."


Two Cucumbers, skinned and chopped

A fistful of Kale

Lemon Juice (two teaspoons)

6 Sticks of Celery

One Cup of Water

Blend Away, this one is green God or Goddess Heaven!


This makes approx a litre of juice..

Take 12 carrots, peeled

6 Apples

One large piece of Ginger, skinned

Pop these ingredients in the juicer, this is always a favourite!...


12 Oranges

Three Raw Beetroot, (skinned)

If you juice the oranges in the juicer first, then the beetroot makes a lovely dash of colour through the juice...

There are lots of juice masters out there... Kris Carr, Jason Vale, Gwyneth Paltrow has even published hers in Goop.

Finally a word about being CREATIVE. When you start to get bored with juice, try and think around it... look for new and different fruits and vegetables. Try Lychees, always add chilli, go for colour, shape and texture, drag open your spice cupboard!

And don't forget to pat yourself on the back, if you can make it through any length of time really, everyone is different, some people get used to detoxing. And, give yourself a further pat on the back if you can adopt some of your juice detox into a healthy lifestyle!!

You did it, you tried it, WELL DONE!