17/12/2013 06:12 GMT | Updated 15/02/2014 05:59 GMT

Five Steps to a Total Life Detox!

Detox your friends, discover those who are mood-hoovers. Do you leave a friend feeling better or worse? Focus on those who add to your life and make it better. Find the positive... Things not right, get more in tune with yourself. Get a life coach, there are so many great ones out there!

Clearing out your mind, body and spirit is an annual thing for many of us and personally I find detoxing the home is the perfect place to start.

The Chinese advocate Feng Shui for success. Remove clutter, clean out your house. Create Chi and Flow. Then, and only then, will the flow of life enter into your world and cleanse and restore your spirit.

Can we alter our life with a simple clear-out? We often feel better after a tidy up and January is our traditional time to start. After Christmas, celebration after celebration, feeling spent up, burnt out, the party is over, there is a hiatus after the Christmas party season and it is a perfect time to reassess. Does that dress/shirt still suit me? Can I bear to throw it away? How can I renew my energy? Do I need to refresh and detox?

Personally, I like to think of a Detox as a way to release my inner Chi. Here are simple ways you can join me in cleaning out the clutter from you life:

Step 1

Detox Your House

Go on, get the hoover out and vac behind your chairs, your curtains, the sofa... Check that people and life can flow into your house and have a route around your wardrobe and the attic - can you eBay anything or car boot it?

If you need futher help go to Feng Shui your House!

Step 2

Detox Your Body

So we come back to another year and we look at our bodies and we say, we need to sort this out. Get Healthy!! A detox is super healthy eating. Some are more restrict than others. You could choose to fast completely, no breakfast, no lunch, no tea, just water.....but if you are like me, you get to 6pm and you either go to bed and don't wake up for 3 days, or you eat something! And it is usually NOT healthy!

Detoxes I have tried...

The Maple Syrup Diet

Cayenne Pepper, Lemon and Maple Syrup.

I have a friend who lives in Spain and regularly likes to do this diet for up to 30 days!! Some advocate it not only brings on weight loss, it also kills evil cells, such as cancer and leukemia! I personally found it a horrible experience. I felt thinner and better, but after three days, I couldn't look at a Lemon!

Not for the faint-hearted! Or those not so keen on lemons!

Forever Living Detox 9

The Forever Living 9 Day Detox

Advocates of Forever Living will say you will feel great after this, and rather cynically was not sure I would. The first two days involve, B Pollen tablets, Aloe Vera Drinks, and Garcinia Plus Tablets to stop hunger pangs! The third to ninth day includes a shake and a meal a day along with the tablet and the fabulous Fresh Aloe!

This detox suggests you follow their programme to the letter and you will lose weight, internally cleanse and feel renewed with energy. I tried this along with a few girls from yoga class . The first two days were the worst, we all said that we so wanted food, by the time it got to Day 3, we were ready for our protein shake!! There was an online support Facebook group, which I found useful, full of recipe ideas. I dipped in and out of it and didn't take it too seriously mind! I lost half a stone in 9 days on this, and I should say that ever since, I have felt just a little bit more controlled. I will probably try this one again in the future. At the end of it all, I really did feel great!!

Step 3 Mind Detox

Detoxing your mind can be the best detox you can find. How do you detox your mind? Meditate! Choosing a meditation such as a counting breath or focussing on an object.

Here are two simple tried and tested meditations:-

The Dripping Oil Meditation...

Lie on the floor, with your palms facing upwards to the ceiling.

Receive energy from the room/space around you.

Feel a softening in the area between your eyebrows and then begin to imagine that someone is pouring warm oil onto your forehead. Feel it trickling down your forehead and down the sides of your head. Follow your breath in and out as the oil moves over you and allows you to focus on this sensation. Try to let go of your thoughts and to focus on this sensation.

Stay here a while. Everytime your mind wanders, go back to this feeling. Try and build this meditation up from 3 to 10minutes.

The Flickering Candle Meditation

Seated comfortably or lying down on your back with palms facing upwards. Close your eyes and visualise a candle. Any colour candle. See a flame and watch it flicker. It's difficult to focus on it, your mind can wander, but every time it begins to float into thought go back to the candle. Try and focus for 5 minutes and build up to 10minutes.

If you persist in meditation, you will begin to discover a new clarity and focus.

Your mind will really feel more focussed and cleansed!

Step 4 Life Detox

Detox your friends, discover those who are mood-hoovers. Do you leave a friend feeling better or worse? Focus on those who add to your life and make it better. Find the positive... Things not right, get more in tune with yourself. Get a life coach, there are so many great ones out there!

Join a club, do things you love! Be it yoga, dance, bootcamp or art.

Step 5 Draw Up Your Ideal Life

Start afresh and write out what you want to do, be and have.

Give yourself a list of outcomes.

"I have a healthy body"

"I show patience in all things I do."

" I exercise three times a week"

These are affirmations in the present tense become your reality.

Be your reality.

If something looks too much then balance it up. If you are working too much, then restructure!

All in all, this is the best way to get a great perspective on your life and how to reboot and restructure it.