03/02/2017 06:32 GMT | Updated 04/02/2018 05:12 GMT

Am I A Feminist?

Do I burn my bras? Nah! Do I go out walking the streets for equal pay for men and women in the work place? Nope! But not through not wanting to, from life swallowing me up.

But do I have a voice when I am standing up for what I believe in? Hell, yes, I do!

Don't let my writing fool you. Yes, I might throw the odd swear word in here and there but that doesn't dampen my intelligence. I too can right click and select the thesaurus option and pick the longest word on the list but sometimes "fuck" just works better.

I will put it out there, even though I know men will probably be filling up my comment box and asking how Huffington Post published such sexist crap (again), very soon. Yes, you see, I've already had such rubbish feedback and the answer to your question is - because men have been listened to for years and now it's our turn. Like it or lump it boys, we have a voice, an opinion and tits too; who would have thought it?

But unsurprisingly men still have a problem with women speaking out or getting involved in things that don't concern us *I'm off to go and scream into a pillow*. Just like the colour of people's skin is still an issue with some people or what gender someone loves is an issue also; this is not going away. Only disguised in a way that men aren't attacking women or someone isn't racist or homophobic and hoping it can slip quietly under the PC radar.


Credit to Pixabay

The thing is, this kind of idiotic way of thinking won't make us go away and do some washing up. No, it will simply make us louder and prouder and well, even more pissed off. We all know what happens when a woman is pissed off now, don't we? Yes, batten down the hatches and hold on tightly. No matter how big your balls are, you won't win. We've have had enough shit piled on us over the years to stop now.

Some men now will be rolling their eyes and thinking: "Oh, here we go again. Another poor me, poor women speech just slating men for all the wrongs in the world!" But unless you washed and ironed your shirt you're wearing, packed your own lunch, took the kids to school, cleaned the whole house, got the dinner ready, washed up and found time to have an opinion, which did in fact get published on Huffington Post, then I would hush down if I was you.

The truth is a lot of men wouldn't be able to function without a woman buzzing around magically remembering every appointment, budgeting the money, getting the kids to that eye test and remembering your mums' birthday. Men seem to think this shit just happens and that is why they have time to think about pointless facts and fall asleep easily every night because they know no matter how much we bitch and moan, we will get it all done in the end.

But I think I am speaking on behalf if a lot of women here when saying, we can only take so much. Every person has a limit and we are not superhuman (well, scrap that, we are superhuman by having the ability to push a baby out of our bodies and grow one in the first place!) Oh yes, I did just mention that we also have babies and periods every month too - brace yourself for the man rage coming my way.

Look I am very happy for you to tell me what poor men in fact have to deal with below and yes, there are some things but "putting up with her moaning constantly" isn't one I am afraid as let's see how you cope without that nagging voice in your ear.

And, to any "cool" girls out there agreeing with men and slagging off your own kind; once he has been in your bed a few times, the men jokes wear a bit thin and there are only so many pints you can drink or footy you can shout at - don't come running back! After all you're a cool girl.

At the end of the day, we are women and yes, we have boobies, periods and have babies but we also are tired (very tired) of a man's world and knowing our bloody place in the world. Well, enough is enough and men, you know your place too. Try respecting us, loving us and be a real man by screaming from the roof tops how amazing your women is! Then and only then, we can share this world equally and stop all this sexist rubbish. We are not being sexist when speaking about our men, we are merely finally speaking and being heard.