"Too political" or "not political enough?" It seems Queen B can't win.
Feminist Collages London is a branch of a movement that started in Paris in 2019 where activists paint letters on A4 sheets of paper and paste slogans on walls around the city. From femicide, to trans rights to abortion rights, the group writes highly political messages to give, “women a way of feeling community”. The collective also promotes osrganisations covering subjects from domestic labour in Lebanon to African & Caribbean heritage women and girls affected by domestic and sexual violence.
If being submissive in bed turns your crank and you make it happen, that's empowerment, and feminism in action.
In this week's Mail on Sunday, Peter Hitchens sneeringly prescribes reporters of sexual harassment, pestering and assault
It is a warm September evening and I'm sat in our clinic lounge looking out at a sea of expectant faces. Some familiar, some new, many fearful, others hopeful and excited. We are at a graduation - An event that we hold in honour of each client as she reaches the end of her treatment.
Watching TV on catch up last night I was delighted to see Mary Portas on Channel 4, Barbie - the most famous doll in the world, but dismayed as I saw her explore the links between gender stereotypes and the toys children play with
If you're upset, do something - listen to the voices of people of colour, do your own research, give money, time or resources to spaces and platforms for people of colour. As Siana points out in this episode; if Charlottesville was a surprise to you, you've not been paying attention.
Hugh Hefner, the American businessman behind Playboy magazine, has died of natural causes aged 91. He founded the men's magazine in 1953, with the image of the Playboy Bunny becoming a cultural symbol that has seen global recognition and success
My university bookcase is the best example of how all this exists together. Next to well-worn feminist literature from Laura Bates to Iris Murdoch is my Bible; each loved, each with an important place in my life.
Embroidery and crochet aren't words that immediately shout 'fun' and 'youthful', let's be honest. But, all the same, recently, there has been a bit of a peaking trend in crafting. Young people are starting up creative businesses, and the rest of us, which aren't talented, is curious.