03/08/2016 11:58 BST | Updated 04/08/2017 06:12 BST

Why Banning Mobile Phones In Pubs Isn't The Solution To Antisocial T**ts

We've all been in a bar and bemoaned the surrounding tables of people who are more interested in their Facebook feed, than the friend sitting opposite them.

Entire dinner times lost scrolling through the internet making you wonder why they bothered even coming out at all?

Now a bar in Brighton has installed a signal blocker in the roof so that people are totally unable to use their mobile phones whilst they're having a drink.

The Gin Tub on Church Road has made the daring move in order to encourage patrons to interact with each other rather than checking how many likes their #datenight Instagram snap has racked up since they sat down.

Admittedly, the sentiment is right on the money, but taking autonomy away from individuals doesn't quite seem like the solution either...

In fact, there are countless opportunities when a phone is truly the only saving grace in an otherwise dire pub situation; as Mark Corrigan in Peep Show wisely said: "You're never alone with a phone."

1. When the bar has five levels, and a garden, and a basement and a hidden annex and how the hell am I meant to find anyone without looking like I've been stood up?

2. When you're on a Tinder date that is tanking faster than you can say: "Please do tell me more about your ex-girlfriend."

3. When you're in the middle of a heated discussion about an obscure 1970's football player and really Google is the only way to prove once and for all, that you're obviously right.

4. When the entire premise of your conversation rests on sharing that Facebook photo for a thorough analysis and scathing judgment.

5. When the menu has some ingredients you've never heard of before, let alone know if you want to consume them, and you need to Wiki them before the waitress comes over and realises how much of a peasant you are.

6. When you need to get ahead and order your Dominos before you leave the pub so you don't fall asleep whilst you're waiting for it to turn up.

7. When you told your boss you'd stay late to sort those emails but doing it from the pub really would be a lot more enjoyable.

8. When you really need to drunk text your ex-partner who you promised you wouldn't but oh now your song is on, and maybe they miss you too. Ok maybe not so much...

But the point stands, although The Gin Tub is clearly tapping into people's frustrations, there are so many times when being off grid for four hours would actually be a little more than inconvenient.

Ah well, at least the humble pub quiz is safe from cheats once more.