How To Be Better At Being Single... And How Your Hair Can Help

How To Be Better At Being Single... And How Your Hair Can Help
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Who'd be single ay? Chatting with potential suitors, getting all dressed up and pulling out your wittiest convo only to be 'ghosted' or 'breadcrumbed' after only two or three promising dates. Don't write it off just yet though... single life might be more advantagous than it first appears.

You become much more creative with your looks

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Let's face it, we've all become lazy with our beauty regimes once we get comfortable in a relationship. Maybe you start wearing less makeup, neglect your rigorous moisturising habits or resort to consistently throwing your weave up in a messy bun. I get it, it's easy to get complacent because we believe our significant other loves us for what's underneath. As true as that may be, you're unlikely to be as well put together as your single counterparts and that is a sorry state of affairs. For me, beauty starts with the hair and a well-timed blow dry will set you on track to exude unequivocal confidence from every cuticle correct strand.

You are much more in tune with your friends

We now live in the era of Tinder and most of us are familiar with the power of the swipe right. It has literally never been easier to get a date! But with great power comes great responsibility and these days resisting the urge for a quick hook up is not as easy as it seems. But if you can turn off that cerebral dating notification then you're likely to muster the support of your friends. Not only will you spend more time with them but you will listen more, learn more and enjoy all the solidarity the sisterhood brings. Even if you're just bonding over what shade of glitter to use on your eyes, do it together.

You know what you want

I've had Mr. Lazy, Mr. Too Cool For School, Mr. Smarty Pants, Mr. Insecure, Mr. Sociopath and many, many more, which sounds less like my dating history and more like the reject personas for the Mr. Men book series. However, it has enabled me to know exactly what I want from that elusive Mr. Right. Giving yourself the space to embrace the single life in-between gives you the clarity to focus on why the previous relationship didn't work, in order to not be doomed to choose the same character traits in another. It also gives you the time to look at what you like about yourself and work on what you feel needs improving. Squad goals people!

You will master your career

Now I'm not saying that you absolutely need to be single to be successful... but sometimes it does help. Getting to the top of your game requires an immense focus on the task at hand as well as an unwavering ability to filter out life's inevitable distractions. Even getting out of bed in the morning becomes a monumental task when your significant other is lying there peacefully with a later start than you. Are you going to spend an extra half an hour pinning your hair up for that meeting or will you concede to the enticement of spooning? For some of us, the removal of temptation works better than trying to fight it.

Of course that isn't to say that the single life is an all-singing, all-dancing cabaret of self-empowerment and perfect bouncy blow-drys. There is the occasional Friday night bottle of wine for one at home and nothing reminds you more of not having met Mr. Right yet than a singular RSVP for wedding reception of yet another friend getting married. But there is much to be learned from a good dose of singledom, which if nothing else, really does allow you to get some shit done!


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