8 Royal Wedding Recipes That Will Make You Forget You Weren't Invited

Although we were a little upset that our invitations got lost in the mail, we're still going to celebrate like the Brits do!

We love weddings! Who doesn't? As a matter of fact, if we could get married to our husbands three more times, we would.

Wedding season is just getting started and this may be the biggest kick off yet, as love is in the air for our neighbours from across the pond as they prepare to celebrate Prince Harry's union with actress Meghan Markle. Although we were a little upset that our invitations got lost in the mail, we're still going to celebrate like the Brits do! And of course, because we're losing one of the world's most eligible bachelors, that's got to include some cocktails.

Presenting Scones and Sips; the only recipes you'll need to witness the "Wedding of the Century." We've got some of our favourite wake-you-up Cinnamon Coffee Scones and sweet-yet-tart Lemon Scones, as well as some of our most celebratory cocktails, including a refreshing Champagne Punch and our Perfect Pimms Cocktail. Pair 'em up and enjoy!

The Scones

In many ways, these Cinnamon Coffee Scones are the perfect baked good, as they're delicious and easy to make. While the thought of baking scones conjures up British perfectionism, these are in fact the most forgiving pastry, ideal for both beginner bakers and a steaming cup of tea.

Moist and delicious, these Lemon Glazed Scones deliver terrific tartness perfect for breakfast, brunch or a teatime snack.

Watch as we show you how to make this easy recipe for Toffee Scones.

Sweet and flaky, these Chocolate Chip Scones are bang-on, slathered in creamy butter, strawberry jam and, dare we say, a dollop of clotted cream.

The Sips

Pass the scones because we're livening up teatime with our scrumptious Cream of Earl Grey Martini. Guaranteed to be your cup of tea, this martini recipe takes a splash of the classic English tea and shakes it up with gin, lemon and sugar. How's that for a perfect cuppa?

Take a trip across the pond with a glass of this fruity and fantastic Pimms Cocktail!

Looking for sunshine in a pitcher? Well, you've got it with this incredibly easy Champagne Punch recipe, a citrusy combo of orange, lemon and lime juice, along with sparkling champagne. Every pour is summer in a glass!

What happens when rosé meets champagne? This deliciously fantastic Orange Rosé Champagne cocktail, a refreshing combination of Rosé Champagne, triple sec, orange bitters and juicy berries.


We played "Recipe Match Makers" so you won't have to (and trust us, we're pretty darn good at it)! Read up on The Best: Scones & Sips for the Royal Wedding and see which of these recipes are made for each other!