How To Become An Overnight Glamour Puss

09/03/2017 15:39 GMT | Updated 10/03/2018 10:12 GMT

As you will know if you're over sixty, the lips lose definition, the eyebrows become sparse, the eyes look smaller and our confidence corkscrews. Well, listen up soon to be glamour pusses, I've found a hassle free alternative to applying eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and lip-liner every day. It's called micro-pigmentation cosmetic tattooing. And at seventy, I'm loving it.

In my twenties, I had electrolysis done on my eyebrows and went too far because I ended up with puny strands of hair. I filled in the blanks every day but it really got on my nerves as the years rolled by. Whenever I went swimming my eyeliner ran. Studying my lips in the mirror a while ago, I noticed that the left side of my mouth looked thinner than the right. I thought 'I'm not having this. Time to get my act together.'

I started with my eyebrows and was so thrilled with the result, I went back and did eyeliner and lips. Now I have ready applied makeup and luscious lips and can't tell you how great I feel. My tattoos have proved confidence boosters in numerous ways. Not only do I feel renewed; with a bit of blusher and lipstick I'm ready to run to the shops so I'm saving time. As a singleton, the added bonus is that when opportunity knocks and I wake up beside a new lover, (let's keep the faith), I won't need to rush into the bathroom to make myself look alluring. I'll be able to lie back feeling like a foxy minx.

Due to stories in the press about makeup tattoos that went wrong, I am not surprised that women - especially us over sixties - might be hesitant about getting them done. Be vigilant when choosing a makeup tattoo practitioner. Ask to see qualifications to ensure they didn't learn their art on a weekend course because in the UK there is no governing board which runs checks on tattooists' credentials. Do your homework and you'll be fine. Or you can ask me for further advice since I know where you can get professional makeup tattoos and fantastic anti-aging beauty treatments at a third of the price you'd pay in the UK and am happy to point you in the right direction.

Apart from vain minxes like myself, makeup tattoos offer solutions for women who suffer with arthritis, impaired mobility or poor eyesight and have difficulty applying makeup. Makeup tattoos could give them a new lease of life.

Even those with allergies could join the club and get tattooing because unlike body tattoo ink, permanent make up is applied with hypo allergic iron-oxide pigments, which means there is minimum risk of infection.

No more sparse eyebrows and uneven lips. Less time looking in the mirror and more time feeling wonderful for up to two years before we need a touch up?

Who says we're over the hill?

Why should we act like the given age on our birth certificates? Why shouldn't we flaunt our inner tiger and show the young 'uns we haven't lost our spunk?

Women our age lived through flower power and heavy metal. We wore black leather mini-skirts and flowers in our hair. We rocked. Remember how free we felt?

My tattoos acted as a confidence fire cracker. I'm thinking hair extensions next, after which I'll join a dating site 'cos time is marching on. I've decided to leave this world in a blaze of colour, waving the flag for other over sixty saucy minxes who joined the club and got tattooed. My daughter says 'I'm cuckoo but cool.' I can live with that.

I truly see makeup tattoos as the next big beauty trend for over sixties women. Not only as regards vanity but as an aid for those who can't easily apply makeup. We could start a club and call it 'Tattooed Foxy Minxes.'

Have I tempted anyone to join?