31/10/2016 12:27 GMT | Updated 31/10/2017 05:12 GMT

How To Make Your Own Chocolate


Raw chocolate.

If you've never made your own chocolate, you are in for a decadent treat! I've shared making raw chocolate before but in my opinion, the recipe never gets old. I love making little cups full of the stuff topped with chopped nuts, chia seeds, and hemp seeds. Don't even get me started on homemade peanut butter cups. They are such a delicious creation and once you have a taste of making your own, you'll find it hard going back to anything else.

In light of Halloween, I used a pumpkin lollipop mold and this recipe made four of them. However this recipe can just as easily be made and popped into cupcake cases or even spread across some parchment paper.

Cacao butter is the main component in making chocolate. I've seen a lot of recipes that substitute coconut oil, but I find this is an essential ingredient in creating the right texture and taste. The smell alone reminds me of what chocolate is all about.

I find it easiest to grate the cacao butter, but I have also just eyeballed the amount and let it melt that way. I would recommend measuring everything out the first time round just to be sure. I grated out 2/3 cup of cacao butter, which equals just about 1/3 cup when melted.

You can also add vanilla bean (although it might create a slightly grainy texture) but I quite like it. If you're looking for smooth chocolate through and through, use a little vanilla extract if you still want the flavour.

Also feel free to mix in things such as bee pollen, nature's sprinkles as I like to call them, as they are the perfect colours for Halloween with their purple and yellowy-orange granules.

Above all, have fun with it and enjoy the process of making something as amazing as your very own chocolate from scratch!


2/3 cup grated cacao butter (approx. 1/3 cup melted)

4 tbsp. raw cacao powder

3 1/2 tbsp. maple syrup

Pinch of sea salt

Optional: ½ vanilla bean or ¼ tsp. vanilla extract, bee pollen, chia seeds, hemp seeds, nuts or seeds


1. In a double boiler over just simmering water, melt the cacao butter. Whisk until it is completely melted.

2. Add the maple syrup and cacao powder (and vanilla if using) and whisk until everything is smooth.

3. Remove from the heat allowing to slightly cool for a minute or two. Pour into desired mold and mix any additions through.

4. Place into a fridge to set for a few hours before gently removing from the molds.

These are best kept outside of the fridge once they've set as the cacao butter begins to rise to the surface of the chocolate resulting in a white appearance. If you plan on storing them for longer I'd place them in a sealed container, although they never last that long!

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