02/06/2014 11:48 BST | Updated 30/07/2014 06:59 BST

Why You Can't Hold Grudges Against an Entire Gender...

The news at the start of this week was dominated with yet another shooting in America.

Dubbed 'the virgin killer', a profile of Eliot Rodger, originally from West Sussex in England, quickly revealed a young man dominated with hate and obsessed with enacting revenge on a gender which (he thought) continuously humiliated and rejected him.

His crime plunged into the spotlight a whole online community where men freely post scathing comments on the female population - inspired by bad experiences or loneliness.

Linda Kelsey from The Mail Online used an entire article to explore the dark side of these forums, including one titled 'Men's Rights' where men are seemingly consumed by hatred for an entire sex, supporting archaic and barbaric beliefs that men are 'entitled' to sex with a woman.

How can a human being allow themselves to become so overwhelmed with negativity that they lump the entirety of one gender together and brand all of them evil, manipulative or cruel.

Yes, it's hard to bounce back after rejection. It's hard to stay positive if you've been single for years. Everyone knows that, and almost everyone has to deal with that.

But to begin hating one person before allowing that hate to extend to the entire female population is a step too far which needs to be addressed.

This is a psychological problem. Why have these forums not been shut down? Why are these people not being monitored?

But it's not just men hating women. Women are equally capable of hating the entire male population - just think of the typical 'all men are the same' line that girls often moan after a bad breakup.

In my opinion, this story leads back to sexism - a phenomenon that has not, and will not die.

All the time one person, or a group of people, believe that men or women are inferior because of their sex - sexism will exist.

Even worse, is when that concept of inferiority turns to pure hatred culminated only in the murderous and cold-hearted killings of strangers - purely because of their sex and appearance.

It is frustrating to hear yet again that one person has been punished because of a similarity to another - especially a similarity as broad as sex. Why did sorority girls have to be punished because one man was apparently rejected by one pretty young woman? They didn't.

No one - man or woman - should be hated purely because of their gender and their sex. We are in an equal, apparently intelligent, community where everyone is different.

Therefore everyone must be judged on their own unique merits. Yes past experiences may shape those opinions - that's natural.

But they mustn't overwhelm and take over those opinions. Past experiences should only influence not rule the present - and new faces must not suffer for the actions or mistakes of old ones.