24/10/2013 07:37 BST | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

Behind the Boosh: A Mighty Exhibition


Proud Camden are inviting you to come on a journey, a magical and wonderful one, into the behind the scenes world of the Mighty Boosh.

For the past 15 years photographer, designer and Mighty Boosh member Dave Brown has spent as much time behind his camera lens as he has preforming in a gorilla suit. Brown, who first met Noel Fielding at university, has had his camera close to hand since the comedians earliest days. His keen eyes for detail and visual sensibilities have made him a perfect fit for the Boosh, not only as a performer but also as a visual chronicler of their colourful history.

Though best known for the television show which spanned three series on the BBC, the Mighty Boosh originated as a stage show which was taken to the Edinburgh Fringe three times. It then became a radio series for the BBC, giving them their first taste of a wider audience. Whilst the radio shows captured Fielding and Barratt's unique chemistry, the Boosh was always meant to be an audio and visual feast, so it was no surprise when it reached our television screens in 2004. Now at Proud Camden fans have the opportunity to get a unique insight into the Boosh and witness its growth and development through the eyes of one of its key members.

Dave's unique style and abilities behind the camera have always been known to loyal Boosh fans. He helped design and compile the Mighty Book of Boosh and also Noel Fielding's The Scribblings of a Madcap Shambleton. Last year his Tough Crowd exhibition at London's Strand Gallery showed the more serious side of some of his comedy friends in aid of the Afrikids charity. Whilst the colourful and fantastical world that Noel and Julian created in the Mighty Boosh captured our imaginations, Dave Brown's photographs show the reality of being a Boosh member to be just as fascinating.

The photographs take you on a journey, starting out at their earliest live gigs, to being on the set of their BBC3 show, through to sell out arena gigs and everything in between. This chance to see what goes on behind the scenes in one of comedy's most successful creations can sometimes look as surreal as the comedy itself. From Noel Fielding carefully unwrapping the head of Charlie, a pink, moustached character who is said to be 'made from a million pieces of used bubblegum' to Tony Harrison's bald, misshapen head appearing at an office window, whatever the setting this other side to the Boosh exhibits their real magic which has gained them legions of fans; the chemistry between the performers and the togetherness they share.

This exhibition comes at an exciting time for Mighty Boosh fans. Whilst things had been pretty dormant for the past three years, this month saw the Boosh playing three live gigs in London before taking to the stage at Jack Black's Festival Supreme last weekend in LA. With their chemistry still very much in tact, we can only hope that there's still a lot more left to come from the Mighty Boosh.

So take your journey into the Boosh's hidden world and witness Dave Brown's wonderful photography by heading down to Proud Galleries in Camden's Stables Market. The exhibition runs from now until December 1st and entry is free. You can also see Dave's Tough Crowd exhibition at Oriel Colwyn in North Wales until January 1st.