Why You Should Keep Showing Up, Even When No One Else Does

This morning I hosted a free online class {live webinar} to which not one of the registrants showed up. How would you respond to the same situation?

This morning I hosted a free online class {live webinar} to which not one of the registrants showed up. How would you respond to the same situation?

Ok, so there were only 5 signups in the first place -- the real problem here is my ability to generate irresitible facebook ads and a compelling one-liner for the sign up page.

That aside, the point here is that I showed up anyway.

I recorded *live* a 60 mins class as if I was presenting to 1,000 people, as if every single person in the audience was listening for the first time, and as if every single listener was hungry for change.

The fact is, I've presented this class to over 75 people before and received rave reviews. I KNOW the content is great, I KNOW it has an impact for the perfect audience, and I really BELIEVE in what I'm teaching.

But that's not the reason I showed up.

Here are the 3 reasons I showed up to an audience of no one:

1. Showing up consistently demonstrates strength of character & credibility

We are over-scheduled, over-stimulated and under-resourced, so when we are offered an easy out, a chance to bail or a clearly visible exit sign it becomes attractive to press the eject button.

But here's the thing: there is always going to be a chance to bail. And if we're scared, tired or un-prepared it usually feels like the obvious thing to do.

Doing what you say you'll do -- actually showing up and most importantly following through -- is a rare trait. But an absolutely essential one.

It's actually a skill in the new economy because there is nothing to hide behind and no one to blame when you don't 'appear' as scheduled. It's a key differentiator in a sea of {snow} flakes.

{We're all individual after all; it's just that 98% of us are not fully committed to our amazing-ness.}

If you want to achieve anything you're going to have to keep showing up. Consistently. Without fail.

So it has to become a habit at first until it's your default setting.

Do what you'll say you'll do. Always.

Being scared, unprepared, under-subscribed or bummed out is not a good enough excuse to bail on who you are & what you're here to do.

{Yoda said it better: Do or not do. There is no try.}

2. Showing up is good practice for honing your message.

I was actually excited to explore my core values and beliefs through this presentation.

Every time you present *live* it comes out a little differently. Your vocabularly changes, your terms of expression change, your inflections, emphasis and even your speed changes.

You get more comfortable with the way you communicate, with your own voice, tone and style. It becomes more and more effortless.

It's amazing practice!

Your message is tweaked and honed organically, incorporating whatever you've learned since the last time you presented it. You've collected a ton of insight and wisdom and you weave this into your message without even realising it. It's wonderful. And amazing.

Each time you hone your message. You solidify your core beliefs and values.

Isn't this just so f***ing cool?!

3. Showing up can yield new, better content

That's right. I recorded a new iteration of a existing product and it turned out pretty good.

I could use the replay as a brand new optin to grow my list.

I could even use the video replay to create a paid product.

If you have the chance to capture or record how you show up, or even write or record the experience of it later {hello: this blog post} you have another spin or perspective on what you do and why.

It's about shareability. The doing -- making -- creating.

Who knows. It could even lead to a book, movie, 6-week course or something absolutely fabulous and previously unthought of. All our experiences lead somewhere. Will you follow the trail?

Don't underestimate the value of showing up. Even when nobody else does.

3 more reasons:

  1. You learn how to act without approval. You don't need permission.
  2. You become reliable. All the time.
  3. You learn to trust yourself. Always.

There could be a dozen more reasons. But I'll leave you to discover them for yourself.

Meanwhile I have some research & experimenting to do. Facebook ads here I come.

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