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Superficial is not just the name of Heidi Montag's flop debut single from 2010, but I've been wondering if this is something we are all inadvertently becoming. Admit it, we all judge the people with the two stripe "Adidas" tracksuits instead of the real three. Or even worse those who use axe instead of Lynx or way super worse those people on Tesco mobile.

Speaking of, I was once seeing this guy and we'd been dating for about three months and I wanted to become official and he said that he was a commitmentphobe. I'm sorry that is not a thing. If you were in the "I'm a Celebrity" jungle and they said your challenge is to face COMMITMENT instead of a f**king python, Scarlett Moffatt's smile would have grown even wider. So I said to said gentleman called "listen sweetheart, if you can sign up to a Tesco mobile contract for 24 months, you can sign up to this bad boy for 12 and I'll let you upgrade after six."

Anyway, I digress. Lately, in this world of snapchatting (our face), and Instagramming (our face), and Facebooking (our face) and Tweeting (our face) and when it's not our face, we are snapchatting, Instagramming, Facebooking, and Tweeting some sort of humble brag, I can't help but think we've all forgotten to be kind. We all do it. I do it. Even my mum has started sending my sister's boyfriend aubergine emojis and it makes me uncomfortable. But have we all forgotten what really matters? Treating each other like human beings.

Maybe it's nothing new and maybe it's the fact that I've put on five pounds in fortnight (I blame all the service stations with a KFC on the M5). In fact, I know it is nothing new because I remember being in Year 7 in school and feeling mortified because my mum had put MORRISONS' OWN BRAND CRISPS in my lunch box and everyone else had Walkers! I couldn't believe that my mum would do this. We would feel ashamed and we would mock the other kids for this.

Should we still be doing this and are we still doing this as adults?

The reasons that made me think about kindness this week and how we treat each other are a) Work. I think in all areas of work whatever we do there are people that just can't be happy for others. I think we are quick to judge people in the office / on the road and we don't always get a full story and b) my lovely family dog, IZZY BAILEY, was put to sleep last week at the old age of 13. She wasn't very well for a long time and it was the kindest thing to do. It was an awful thing to witness, saying a final good night to one of the family and see the rest of the family, these people I love dearly so upset.

Izzy got me thinking, technically an animal but in ways had a bigger heart than some humans. When I was crying after breaking up with my first love (he only went back to straight! Gross), she came and sat on me. Whenever I got home late from a gig, after a long drive, she'd get out of bed at 3am just to say hello and we'd have a cuddle and when I have been rejected from one of many panel shows (I personally think the BBC hate my northern twang - this has yet to be proved), she would come and jump in bed with me and try and rob my when-will-I-catch-a-break bowl of profiteroles. She was an empath. Yet when I text one of my pals to say we'd lost Izzy, she sent me a sad face emoji and I wondered if that was kind?

As with all my posts, they are thoughts. I'd love to hear yours. Just be kind to someone. Oh and if you see me any time soon, don't feed me. I've five pounds to lose - so offering me a fruit pastille would be unkind!

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