28/03/2012 10:28 BST | Updated 28/05/2012 06:12 BST

A Tribute to Edd Gould (1988 - 2012)

As a comedian who spends most of his time on the internet, I've often found solice in other comedic people who keep their content online. The numerous Twitter accounts that I follow and the various bloggers whose posts I read regularly have a large impact on my life. At midnight last night, I was taken aback. It was announced on Eddsworld's official channel that Edd Gould, a brilliant animator and writer, had passed away.

Edd Gould wrote, directed, voiced and animated a ton of animated features (known as "Eddisodes" to the fans) to the online animation community known as Newgrounds. He also featured them online elsewhere, such as YouTube and b3ta. In 2006, I contacted him with advice about animating, and he was nothing but understanding and helpful. He helped me a lot with various tips and tricks. It was then I realised that this was a guy who gave nothing but positivity to anyone who showed interest in animation.

Throughout the next few years, I kept an eye on his updates, being thrilled at any new animation he'd upload online. The adventures exploring the world underneath the toilet , his clone army , as well as his test animations where he'd just say doing a lot.

In April of 2011, Edd revealed via YouTube that he had cancer - not just that, but it was a returning cancer. However, in Edd's special way, he made a cheeky video that involved his "pretty swell" catchphrase, shushing, a lot of friends having fun, making fun of cancer, shots of the Eddsworld crew messing about in hospital and an animation about Edd punching cancer (in the form of a dinosaur) in the head. This was Edd in a nutshell.

The news last night came as a shock. The fans of Edd who never had the chance to meet him or even know him personally all felt a loss. His legacy lives on. He was an incredible man, whose selfless appreciation of his fans was the sole reason why he continued to make brilliant content. If you can, check out his entire back catalogue of animations. They are all too brilliant.

This is such a loss to the world of comedy, but he has left behind such a legacy. To Edd Gould, a truly selfless and creative man.