20/11/2014 06:20 GMT | Updated 19/01/2015 05:59 GMT

An Evening with Eglo Records

I found myself humming Dirg Gerner's "Vicious Cycles" today and quickly did a search to see if he had any new singles. Unfortunately my search came up short so I decided to look into what label he signed with. I was hoping the other artists were just as good as Gerner. Then I noticed he was on Eglo Records, the same label that gave us the talented Fatima. Last year I stumbled across her debut album "Yellow Memories" after falling in love with the song "Family." So after revisiting Fatima I gave the other Elgo Records musicians a listen while browsing artwork by the visual artists signed to the label. Let me show you what I found.

This is Eglo Records:

I've go to show you Derg Gerner because he is what led me here.

In Fatima's "Yellow Memories" her smoky jazz-like vocals sound great over modern R&B productions.

Floating Points is responsible for some of the production on Fatima's "Yellow Memories." He is also one of the co-founders of Eglo Records along with Alexander Nut. This multi-layered ride clocks in at 11 minutes and plays with experimental sounds and buildups. He is also a writer and arranger for a 16 piece ensemble called Floating Points Ensemble. That would explain the many layers in his beats.

Everyone loves a good drum kick. This one is by Dego & Kaidi.

Shafiq Husayn has released a few albums, but his latest EP "It's Better for You" was released on Eglo Records last month. You may have heard Shafiq Husayn on Robert Glasper's Grammy-award winning album "Black Radio," collaborating with Bilal on "Cheeba," or with his Sa Ra band.

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