02/07/2013 09:59 BST | Updated 01/09/2013 06:12 BST

What Does Dave Dinsmore's First Week in Charge of The Sun Tell Us?

Dave Dinsmore has arguably got the toughest job in British journalism - to make the Sun great. Like taking on the role of England football manager Dinsmore - or Dinsy to his mates - is accountable for every spit and cough which hits the paper (and don't forget the website.)

One week into his tenure in the hot seat, what have we learnt?

1. Breasts Are Best for the Sun

The man is not for turning when it comes to Page 3. Campaigners can get themselves as worked up as they like, but the editor has confirmed he will not be ditching daily female nakedness.

2. Jack The Ripper Will Always Be News

He was a character born in the newspapers and it looks like the three words 'Jack The Ripper' will always have newspaper subs and editors salivating like rabid newshounds. Dinsmore was gifted this front page after Ian Brady had his chance to speak in public for the first time in a generation. I'd challenge any red blooded tabloid editor worth his salt not to splash this story.

3. The Muslims Are Coming!

Find a way to shit stir about Islam and it will probably make the front page, even if on closer inspection there's no Muslim causing scandal at all.

4. Inappropriate Sex

Back-to-back splashes on Sunday and Monday about a 'shocking' interview with a schoolgirl who, in a man bites dog-style twist, groomed her teacher, oozes the Sun. Its reader base is addicted to this kind of uncomfortable sexual relations.

5. The Sun Still Owns Punning

The Sun stole the show with George Osborne's Shamburger. Everyone else followed it up. Even though many say he handled a delicate subject badly, when awarding points for punning, Ramadan A Ding Dong (Copyright Ali G?) is Sun Sun Sun. The reverend drunk at a wedding was splashed as 'Vicar of Tiddly'. I rest my case.

Love it or hate it (as most people on social media claim they do) I'd say Mr Dinsmore has had a damn good first week.